Poco vibrato in NotePerformer

Hi! I’m trying to create a Poco vibrato playing technique that would work on NotePerformer for strings. I’ve never done a thing like this before, and I’m stuck somewhere.

I created a new playback technique (“technique de lecture”) called Poco Vibrato.
Then in Noteperformer expression map, I created a switch with the right CCs. I’m not at all familiar with expression map and MIDI in general. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for your help!

Je ne suis pas devant mon ordi donc pas d’informations précises à donner, sinon que j’ai réalisé exactement cette opération il y a deux semaines sans problème. Le truc, c’est d’aller voir dans l’expression map comment no vibrato est construit, le dupliquer (le + qui sert à ça en bas de la fenêtre) et modifier les paramètres voulus.

Looking at the screenshots, I can’t see anything obviously wrong with how you’ve created the EM entry and these are the sort of values I’d choose as well for a poco vib. Are you saying that the vibrato doesn’t change? What happens if you draw a CC105 point directly into the automation at the point at which it should start?

Here would be my poco vibrato entry in the Expression map :

But I’m not sure it really makes a difference with ord. (or vibrato, — I can’t hear a difference…). And NotePerformer user guide p.74 states :

so I wonder if we can do something about it.
[Edit] I have a problem: the playing techniques lane does not show the poco vibrato technique where it should (which explains why the sound does not change). I didn’t have the time to understand what to change to make this work.

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Thanks for your help!

I tried something else, but I still can’t understand…
I duplicated the vibrato technique in the expression amp and called it poco vibrato.

First, I added CC 105 and 106 and put some low values. When Poco Vib. follows a Vib., I can hear a difference. However, I can’t get back to regular Vib. after. I don’t know what would be the basic values for CC 105 and 106. I might have to add them in the Vib. expression map. Another problem is that it is impossible to go from no vib. to poco vib. It stays stuck at No Vib. And when I move from No Vib. To Vib. it is actually a Poco Vib.

Then, I replaced the Poco Vib by something which is an exact copy of Vib just to see… It is still impossible to go from Non Vib. to Poco vib. It stays stuck at No Vib.

The Molto Vibrato CC20 is very confusing : 6 seems to be Non Vib, 5, Regular Vib. What are the other numbers?



Have you put Vibrato, Non Vibrato and Poco Vibrato in the same mutual exclusion group ? An ord. marking should be enough after a poco Vibrato to go to Vibrato (normal state, IIRC).

No, I haven’t!

I did that plus another thing => adding a new CC to Vibrato, CC105 and CC106 at 64

Now it’s working well

Thanks for your help!

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Well, I finally realized that what I’ve done is not working at all… even if I put all the Vibrato techniques in a mutual exclusion group…

The ideal setting for me would be this one :
Vibrato CC105 = 50 CC106 = 55
Poco Vibrato CC105 = 30 CC106 = 50
Molto Vibrato CC105 = 80 CC106 = 60

However, I don’t understand how CC105 and 106 interact with CC20. By default,
Vibrato → CC20 = 5
Non-vibrato → CC20 = 6
Wide vibrato → CC20 = 18

Any clue? I’m not too familiar with MIDI language

I got it, finally! For those interested :

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Thank you for this.

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