POD Farm 1 not working anymore C6 Pod XT


my Line6 POD Farm plug won’t process anymore. It only plays back the clean DI-recorded Signal. It worked before on this System, i reinstalled POD Farm, C6 is newest version, POD XT driver also.

The Pod XT works as a Dongle for the Software, and i think Cubase is not recognizing it right atm but Its being recognized by my PC, installs on every USB i found :wink: older projects take a lot of time to load, when the Plugin is already used. Might it be something like an usb timeout i am looking at ?! Mixer is loading…1 minute with no action and finally the project opens.

Working on W7 64 C6 32bit i72600 ausu P8P67 pro

This used to happen before, when i set up my PC some weeks ago and connected the POD XT via USB extenders, but worked fine, after using another extender for my keyboard+mouse :open_mouth: . Now i can plug the POD anywhere and it’s not working anymore.

Any suggestions please