Pod Farm 2.55 in Cubase (MAC) not 64 bit?


When I run Pod Farm (latest version) in Cubase 7 (latest version) the plug in appears as a 32bit plug-in.
I’ve tried deleting all Line 6 files (instructions from Line 6 forum, using the terminal and spooky things like that!) and doing a reinstall.
Same problem.
Tried Cubase 6 - same.
I can’t get the plug-ins to run in 64 bit mode.

I loaded Logic 9 in 64 bit mode and the Pod Farm plug in works fine there. (AU plug in)

When I “show info” on the VST in the plug in folder it says it’s a 32bit plug in, and theres no box to change it.

So- anyboby any ideas?
Or can anyone confirm that they can get Pod Farm 2.5x to run in 64bit mode in Cubase 7?


You need to make sure you install (it might get installed automatically, don’t remember) the 64 bit version and that Cubase look for it where it is on your hard drive.
It’s called like: Pod Farm 2 (x64).dll

Sorry, you’re on MAC so I don’t know if similar there…