Pod Farm 2 VST produces no effect


I have the same question / issue. Just got at LIne 6 GX (small interface) and POD Farm 2.59, all of which seems to work fine standalone.

However, when I insert any of the POD Farm plugins (64b) inside of Cubase (9.0.40 Build 292), they produce no sonic effect.
Cubase has found the plugins, I can insert them, I can open the editor for them, but there is no audio effect.

Am I missing a step? Does this work for anyone? Is there a known incompatibility?

I would appreciate any/all information or experiences.


Split. These issues are completely unrelated.

Please take a look at this thread:

There are no incompatibilities between Cubase and this plugin.

Hi. Thank you for your reply.

The thread referenced did not directly solve my problem, but by continued tinkering I now have it working. (Thanks for confirming compatibility!)

I think the sort for me was setting the POD Farm hardware choice to ‘GX (ToneDirect)’ instead of to any ASIO driver (but my certainty on this is not 100%, LOL).