POD Farm insert preset failing, help!

I have an insert preset with 1 POD Farm insert, then a recabinet insert. I have a POD Studio GX and asio4all drivers. I try to load my insert preset and the input audio just cuts out, so I can’t record anything. :cry: I don’t know whether Cubase is crashing, or the input is cutting out or what.

If anyone could help me quickly it would be great, since I have been trying to figure this out myself for 3 days straight and I’m at wit’s end.

Thanks in advance.

I’d suggest having a look at the ASIO driver you’re using and your VST Connections. I have one of the older Line6 UX interfaces and to use mine, I need to select the ToneDirect ASIO driver. When I do, it redirects the audio output from Cubase to the UX unit and then I either have to connect the audio outputs from that to my speakers, (the recording output to Cubase goes via the USB cable - took me ages to work that bit out), or use headphones plugged into the UX box for monitoring. As a result, I have two sets of VST connections defined - one for when I’m using ASIO4ALL and one for when I’m using the Line6 box and I swap back and forth depending on whether or not I have the interface connected. I also have to switch the ASIO driver to match. Also, you have to enable the little monitor button on your audio channel(s) in the Cubase project window so that you can hear the input signal.