Podcast mic for singing?


I got a Shure MV7 “podcaster” mic as a gift from a Podcaster/non-musical relative.

I was wondering if it might be a good one for singing, so I thought I’d try to learn a bit more about it by reviewing its frequency specs, polarity (is that the right word? I mean omni vs cardioid, etc.), but I couldn’t find specs on the Shure website.

Does anyone know whether this might be a good singing mic?

Thanks for any thoughts!

I’ve never heard a microphone sing.

I suppose you can’t do any harm to yourself, others, or the microphone by just trying it. It’s okay. Go ahead!


Haha, you funny guy.

Might return it unopened to get something else in my list, that’s why I’m not trying it.

Yeah, you know I just like poking at you a little bit! :wink:

I don’t know anything about that mic. But, unless you need the extra connectivity, I would probably recommend getting a different “standard” mic in that price range. It might be fine, though.

What else are you looking at? A different mic, or a different item altogether?

Different altogether, wireless lav and iem set up.

If it doesn’t hurt the gift giver’s feelings and you really don’t need that style of mic, I would suggest investigating the option of returning it for a different item.

:+1: thanks