Pointer stopped changing to selected function

I’d love someone to explain me the following behaviour, that suddenly occurred:

Example video:

I select an editing tool (for example - Splitting / Comping), the pointer changes, and when I move it - it switches back to the standard pointer.
The function will remain the one I selected (e.g. Clicking on an event will split it if I chose split), but the Pointer won’t indicate it.

Any help? I started working with Cubase 13 the week it came out and it’s the first time this behavior is present.

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I’d be suspicious of your computer keyboard or some other device like a MIDI (or Generic) Remote sending out rogue Key Commands to change the Tool back to the Arrow.

Just came on the forum to post about this issue.
I’ve had this exact same problem several times in C13 now - never saw it in any previous versions like you say Fried_Onion.
Quitting Cubase and restarting is the only way to fix it.
There are just sooooo many annoying buggy issues with C13 it’s rapidly becoming not funny…

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Hey vinylizor, Yeah I totally agree.
Luckily most things do solve themselves after restarting… With that said, I’d really love someone from Steinberg addressing these issues, taking responsibilty and explaining when and what will be solved, without leaving us in the “restart will solve it” fog.