Pointing HalionSE to the instrument files on another drive

Hello. I have Cubase7.0 installed on my PC, and I have the Halion Sonic SE instrument files (29 .vstsound files) on a different drive than the main program. I installed this a long time ago, but I think the installer allowed me to install them in a custom location, which I did, since I didn’t want the large libarary taking up my C drive.

The instrument list in Halion Sonic SE (running in Cubase7) appears to be empty, so I assume that it is somehow not aware that the instruments are on another drive, even though I’d assume it would configure Halion to the location specified during the install.

I can’t seem to find a means to point Halion Sonic SE to the file location. Anyone here able to tell me how to point the program to the other drive?