pointless cubase error message!

like it always happens time to time cubase has decided to crash on project load… this is the same project I have been working on for a long time… no changes to hardware or software! This means I have to back track to a previous save and redo all my work and hope cubase does not crash on me again… needles to say it is getting very frustrating!

anyway, I am getrting the message “A serious problem has occured. please try to save your project under another name and then restart cubase!” … but this is the problem… the project will not load so how the heck am I supposed to save it under a new name??? regardless if I click ‘ok’ or ‘cancel’ cubase just hangs forever…

why can’t cubase give a full read out of what was is loading so we can know where it buggs out and at least try to diagnose the problem. As it stands I have no idea what is causing cubse to crash!

and to be honest it just makes me sick and so I swith off my PC and it does not give me encoragement to come back at a later date because it keeps randomly crashing projects… no new hardware or software… why is this happening???

I understand why people say… “ok thats enought of cubase I’m off to pro-tools”… but that would be just anger talking and I do love cubase but right now it’s giving me headaches!

I’ve just re-installed cubase 6.5 and the file opens perfectly! so this is def a cubase 7 issue!

I’m sticking with 6.5 from now on!

Is it a file that started out in 6.5?

The few times I have had this Cubase has actually loaded the file and I have just carried on and ignored it. (although I do save_as it just in case)

Yes it was originally a 6.5 project! I think it is something to do with a VST not loading correctly but I’m not sure…
BTW: all my VST’s are cubase 7 compatible …

edit: I have discovered that it may be the east-west vst … If I remove the east-west.dll form the vst folder the project loads! however, this does not happen all the time which is the confusing thing!

my work around is to print any east-west tracks to audio and them remove the vst from the vst instrument panel! which is a bit of a pain to be honest!

Maybe it’s a setting that was made in the project in 6.5, that is interacting in some obscure way in 7 adding up to a crash. Not much to do about that really, aside from finishing the project in 6.

I don’t know what all you have in the project, but maybe it’s worth the trouble to do a track export from 6 and import into 7?

thanks bud…see edit to post above!

I have tried leaving it for 4 hours but it just sits there doing nothing! :frowning: