Polarity bug in V9

I use polarity of layers to manage noisy areas to avoid destructive editing. As of version 9, this is broken.

1 Set up a group with two layers: Layer 1 is original source, layer 2 is “noise” layer. Composite view is active. .

2 Select an area of the audio from the Group layer, copy it and paste to the Noise layer. The area is amplified as expected. Reversing the polarity on the Noise layer reduces the level of the area as expected.

3 HOWEVER, if the polarity of the layer is set up initially to be a reversed layer, it does not behave as expected as before with every version up to v8… Instead, when the area is pasted, the layer actually changes the polarity of the PASTE, and now things are weird. Changing to normal polarity behaves like the reversed polarity and vice versa.

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