Polarity flip on sends

The ability to set the root tuning of the project to 432, 444 etc. An orchestra can do this, why the hell cant I do it in Cubase? Ridiculous.

Summing Folder tracks , any tracks dragged in to the Summing folder Track would get auto bussed (so no more having to check all your tracks are buss correctly to a group) , and when you close a folder on the arrange window the Mixer follows .

This also has major benifits for people using large hardware fader units , it lets you"spill" out a folder on your mixer (bit like Protool or Logic). then close it down giving a single master fader for that group of track, and would clean up the massive amount of faders you need to look at .

No I would not remove VCAs or Group track , Just add a 3rd track type .

Because with an Orchestra you tune the instruments and not the conductor. Same thing with Cubase.


VSTi GUI/ Window that follows selected track which has a VSTi , just like channels setting window does now …

Release it?? :joy: :joy:

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Ai integration shot even something that can make a sound, midi patterns, or loop for the user or a gain staging function before touching anything, Console Summing for (SSL, API, Neve), When i put a one shot sound making that easy to be able to change pitch automaticly & adjust length. I still cant understand or figure out functions and something that tags where the orginal one shot sound is on the key.

I’m sorry, but this made me laugh.

We’re living in a time, the first in history where you can have an orchestra in your house to use anytime you want. And not just one one orchestra but a bunch if you want, plus a multitude of other instruments from bland to exotic. You don’t even need to feed the players. Mozart, Wagner & the rest never had access to anything even close. But the inability to adjust the tuning rises to the level ridiculous!

We truly do live in privileged times.


Exact. I greatly respect how Dan Worrall remembers and emphasizes the word engineer in this job.
Parallel filters worked great in my workflow.
In Cubase I have to create groups to change the phase for just the sends.
Likewise, I suggest placing an eq on the sends.

Got it. Unfortunately that would be hard to implement in Cubase even from UI point of view I cannot imagine how they would squeeze that in.

The parallel chain(like studio one have) is likely possible feature they will add but probably 5 years from now (I cannot mention any version otherwise my comment might be deleted :joy::joy::joy:)
Majority of those things I solve with Blue cat patchwork and little bit of melda. Now it depends of the task you want to achieve but it’s worth trying.


Because MIDI notes only send the note value and not the frequency. That’s ridiculous.

Joke apart, if Cubase had to transpose every channel in real time this would result in an awful audio quality because of the added artifacts. Dedicated transpose algorithms that come with the instruments generally perform much better.

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