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  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. Absolutely NO!

I use this section to hear Cubase, the product that I invested in, shine! I want to hear the best of the best so I can up my game if my productions aren’t as good and learn from others about how to achieve certain standards when mixing. I have no interest in listening to a rough acoustic guitar track with a scratch vocal (go to SoundCloud for that, they are littered with demos). There are plenty of other sites that are geared towards songwriting skills. This section is about production as “MADE WITH CUBASE” implies!

… I have nothing further to say your honor :slight_smile:

P.S. When you created this topic you should have clicked on the “Poll Creation” tab and it would have made a proper poll (and probably the MUSIC LOUNGE is more of an appropriate section to have this conversation in).

I’d have to say no also. Why not just say “this is a rough demo” when posting the song??? There aren’t that many posters here as it is. If you had a rough demo section who would go there?

Absolutely YES

Beginner Newbie – Who wants help writing there songs
as opposed to the Recording of there composition.
Steinberg is on to something with the Chord tracks
and the upgrade of Vari-audio towards song composition in C7. IMO.
But this section would help to.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: I’d like this idea expanded to Wavelab also “MASTERED WITH WAVELAB” :wink:

MASTERED WITH WAVELAB is something I’d sign up for but not composition and rough demos. There are other sites for that and outside the scope for Cubase.

For me I’d say no, submit what you have and swim lol. You’ll always get honest opinions and help where needed if needed.
I don’t use wavelabs but it sounds like a great idea for a group.

I’d say a definite no…what’s the point in posting a rough demo, would just waste peoples time, the song should be finished to the best of your abilities and then you learn from comments posted by the guy’s that know better and you move on with the extra knowledge…Kevin

No, there aren’t enough posters/participants for either suggestion to be beneficial. If people wish to find out about Cubase/Steinberg stuff they will. And about your point of reeling in new people that you speculate to lack the confidence to share their stuff; If someone doesn’t have the confidence to post in a general mish-mash of genres here what makes you think they’ll have the confidence to post in a specialized section for their genre which would come under even greater scrutiny? I just can’t see the logic in it and if it’s one thing I love other than music, it’s logic.

Specific mastering section would be fine.

By the way, you should see the Soundsonline.com forum. Since it’s the home of the EWQL sample libraries, which are mostly orchestral/ethnic you should see the “made with” section there, it’s 90% orchestral compositions and half are what I’d personally be too embarrassed or wouldn’t see the point in spending time sharing. Almost no one likes to post on other peoples music and they all want attention for their own stuff that they are under some delusion is professional standard. I seldom go there but that section of their forum is laughable.

Jonathon: Thanks for the encouragement with the “Mastered with Wavelab” Idea. :wink:

You use the word “embarrassed” – exactly—of course I use the words “scared & Intimidated”.
These words are the problem.

IMO- the greatest way to try out Songs has always been -a Live audience reaction
towards the song.’’
But then the Recording of the same song is another thing altogether.
I’ve been searching the Web for music review sites-- Made with sites.
A few want big $$$$$$$$$ others aren’t worth the trouble.
Sounds like an idea for a new website for someone :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

I guess I could just as easily vote yes for the idea of a rough demo site. I don’t think anyone would use it much but there wouldn’t be any harm in Steiny setting this up.

I still think people who post songs should learn to engage folks who respond with comments. As I said before ,best to say something like “this is a rough demo” or “I think its close to being finished, how does the mix sound” or “do I need something else here”. Just posting a song and saying “thoughts” is an open invite to have the entire production reviewed.Apparently this wasn’t wanted by the OP. I responded to halljacks song saying that acoustic guitar or a pad could be added for variety. If the thought was that I didn’t know the style well enough or that this idea was wrong for guitar based pop; why not just say so? The more you communicate ,the more you get out of a forum like this.

Also I used to subscribe to Home Recording which became Recording Magazine. I read the reviews for years and they had a very narrow scope of songs they’d review, basically rock. I submitted an R&B song once and it was never mentioned or reviewed at all… I just moved on. Afterwards I joined Taxi. As part of their membership they give a subscription to this mag. I wish everyone could have the Taxi experience. Their reviews of your songs are without mercy and have little regard for feelings, unlike the reviews here. They get to the point plain and simple.After a while the lessons are painful but the point is clear, Rough versions are pretty much useless. Best to finish a song (or make clear its not finished) , post what you have , review opinions and engage the responders.

Also regarding sites to review songs, the reason sites like Taxi charge $300 (1st year ,$200 thereafter) is , thats what its worth to get quality people (at least some) to listen to raw material and of course forward it for commercial use. Hard to imagine a free site doing this or what it would turn into after a short while.

My vote changed to yes, lets see what happens

Songramp.com, although Country centric, is a great place to get very fair reviews and songwriting tips. Like I said they are Country genre centric but they welcome all genres with open arms and it’s free (as well as subscription based).

Thanks cmaffia: I’ll check this out. :smiley:

Thanks Mr.M: I Totally forgot about “TAXI”. And I to had a handful
of tapes thrown in the trash by Home Recording back in the early 1990’s. :smiley:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Sounds like the web could use an “American Idol” type thing
with pro-judges just for Song, Recordings :bulb: :bulb: Hmm

Poll should be if this is the dumbest thread ever. :unamused:

PS: Sounds like the web could use an “American Idol” type thing
with pro-judges just for Song, Recordings :bulb: :bulb: Hmm[/quote] by halljack

this thread was started by a musician who didn’t take too kindly to his music being “critiqued” ( in a clear and very fair way) and clearly wanted the “song” praised with no reference to production or arrangement ( not gonna happen )

If it’s a good song ie good tune/lrics/idea etc…which for me comes first because without that lot there is nothing to produce, then the fellow muso’s will say so…or not !!!..but they can always give good advice on arrangement or production, which I personally always take on board, makes me think harder about the next song I’m doing,

So I reckon if someone wants to post a finished, half finished, work in progress, demo without whatever, then they should post it here but not start getting all precious about their “creation” when it is critiqued by fellow well meaning musicians who are taking time out to help…remember…Beethoven and Shakespeare did it much better than us hundreds of years ago…Kevin

Wait, this whole suggestion has been because Jack didn’t like or want criticism on his songs that he posted? O.o

And to Mr. M, I almost always give my brutally honest opinion with little regard to personal feeling highfives. It occasionally gets misinterpreted and apparently “offends”, but I never see the point in being indirect or giving undeserved praise because it devalues it when you actually give praise and recognition which I enjoy doing almost as much :smiling_imp:

I agree…and yes that is what exactly spawned this thread; Someone didn’t like well constructive criticism and that person thinks that posting the same work in a “rough demo” section would have changed the opinions and suggestions already given…