POLL: Are you using 7.03?

I installed 7.03 and

  • I’m using it.
  • then I reverted back to 7.02.
  • then I reverted back to C6 / C5 / C4.
  • then I stopped using Cubase.

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Since 7.03 seems to have a couple of issues that 7.02 had not (and vice-versa), it would be interesting to know which version is more popular, currently.

Well - 7.0.3 has some issues, but I am not “bitten” by them. I still have 6.5 installed, but have not used it for months now. I highly doubt I will ever go back to an older version than 7.0.

Sure - there are some niggles and I have to use some work-arounds. To be honest - I did expect there would be some flaws, because all new software has them. The people expecting absolute perfection are living in a dream world. This will never happen. There are simply to much variables (hardware, OS, underlying software, drivers etc.) to get something without any flaw.

There is, of course, room for improvement. I really hope some problems will be solved in 7.0.4. I must say however that 7.0.3 is usable (and stable) enough for me to keep using it.


From couple of days I’v uninstalled 6.5.4 from hard drive and I’m using only 7.0.3. Form me its mostly usable but waiting for 7.0.4 update for few bug repairs.

using it… loving it…

except video scoring… that is a major pain… what with video lag…cubase stalling… unable to import audio from video, etc.

praying for a quick video fix… then , it’ll be the bees knees…

Too many “little” issues that add up for me to stay on the latest update. I built my latest template in 7, so I have to use it for now, but after a couple hours of routing sends, setting up group channels, and trying to even navigate the mixer, I’m just about to scrap the whole thing and start over in 6 instead.

I don’t care what you think about software development, these issues should have been ironed out in beta. This is an embarrassment, and they rightly should compensate folks for having put up with it. That said, I’m keeping my copy of 7 in case 7.04 is some kind of miracle, but if it isn’t, I will take them up on that refund offer.

The only issues I have with Cubase 7.03, since doing a fresh Windows 7 x64 install onto a new SSD followed by a complete new Cubase 7 install and then Cubase 7.03 update are:

  1. Volume increase during real time export.

  2. the occasional hang-on-close.


  3. I have been assured will be fixed in the next update.

  4. I have just learned to live with. I have found a method that improves this issue but has not totally eliminated it.

Other than that Cubase 7.03 works really well for me. That being said, there are probably some features of Cubase I do not use at this time, such as Video, large sample libraries and CPU hog VST instruments.

I’ve been using 7.03 with very little issues. I went back to work on a project in 6.5 the other day and yes, it is alot snappier than 7. However, now that im used to clicking on insert and just typing the first few letters of a plugin im looking for and bam…its right there, it was annoying going back to 6.5 and having to click on insert and have to look for the plug in. This is a huge time saver. Along with the Quick Link feature as well.

For me, the mixer doesn’t bother me at all. I keep it on “Full Screen Monitor 1” and just use F3 to toggle back and forth from the work space to the mixer. Biggest annoyance for me right now in 7.03 is the inconsistency of routing multiple tracks to the same group. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. Other small annoyance is how they changed where you click on the power button of a plugin and inactivating it, it bypasses it. Other than that, i’m happy with it. Initially the mixer takes getting used to but once you do, you will see the benefits of it.

That being said, 7.00 has been a nightmare getting to this point where im happy and i agree that is was unacceptable for them to drop a product like this to paying customers with so many bugs that seem to be so rediculous to have been overlooked. Very dissapointing.

new machine ,clean install and it’s running as smooth as a 1950’s Austin A10 with one wheel but im still using it :wink:

6.5 here

OS X 10.6.8 and Cubase 6.4


Back to 6.5 here too, but I agree, that plug-in search feature, among others, doesn’t take long to miss. Hope those upgrade bucks will be justified soon with a more stable program.

I dont believe that so many actually use .03…How can you live with the mixer resizing channels?
Thats why I dont use it, otherwise I probably could live with it.

No, I don’t : never felt the need to update my signature. I’m repeating myself like an old and overused LP, but still, among others :

  • Too much resources used,
  • Too much time loading any ptoject involving sample based VSTis,
  • Too much features half-baked and useless (ASIO guard, RCE, Steiny hub…),
  • Clunky mixer,
  • And most of all : unacceptable UI/workflow regressions that alone prevent me from using it.

C7 (whatever the version) is a true disappointment. No more, no less…

Hmmm … the current result ( 2/3rd using it ), could fuel my fear that Steinberg’s
user base keeps shifting away from the ‘pro-market’
( I would really like to know, who of those 45+ 7.0.3 users, make a living with the product. )

Thus, I really hope, Steinberg had advised all their testers and employees,
to come here and vote for 7.0.3.
( Which was a common task at Waves, while I worked as one of their testers )

Whatever …
it shows, how Steinberg can survive, with such flaky releases


It’s not a significant source of income for me, but I do use Cubase everyday. I make my living as a musician, and that’s my primary income. With that out of the way, I feel Cubase 7 is pretty stable and have been able to complete full projects with it (most recent one involved composing 8 new pieces and 2 remixes of previous pieces for an independent short movie). It’s not perfect, of course. But I personally wouldn’t call it unusable either.

Having said that, I feel Cubase 6 was closer to perfection than Cubase 7 is as of version 7.03. However, I do like some of the features introduced in version 7, like those mentioned earlier (the plugin search function and the quick group feature) as well as the Chord track and the new metering options. Those things have kept me using Cubase 7, but also I don’t experience many of the bugs mentioned in other threads either. The only one I do get a bit disappointed with is the channel resizing bug, which I don’t understand. How could this have slipped through beta testing? It’s a bit embarrassing, to say the least. I rather wait a little longer and have something that works solidly, than get frequent (but lousy) updates. I don’t know what happened since version 6, but the quality control is not the same. Updates where pretty solid back then.

I can live with the minor graphic bugs of the mixer when a file re-opens, especially considering they only happen on mixer 1. Mixer 2 seems to work flawlessly.

Vari-audio is still broken and that’s way more serious. But since I purchased Melodyne, I’m not using it anymore, so to me it’s now a moot point.

For the rest, 7.0.3 seems to work pretty well and I haven’t experienced any crashes.

I voted 7.0.3 but I am actually using both 6.5.4 and 7.0.3.

Ha…! Me too… older/existing projects on C6.5; new stuff on C7

An interesting and balanced point of view. So, I am going to try to be as honest as you are despite the rage which has taken me after seeing all the regressions made in the UI/workflow department since C7 release.

I can indeed confirm that C7 is stable, even remarkably so since the beginning, as the only crashes that I experienced with it occured while tweaking the Remote Control Editor with 7.0.1. I am also interested by the chord tracks new feature, seeing the potential of it even as an educational tool. Seems to me that it sometimes behaves strangely, but well, I only scratched the surface of it, more worrying about other things.

BUT, first, I remember that when I launched C7 the first time after its installation, suddenly the Steiny hub went on the way and I first had to deactivate it. This somehow prooves DaDa’s previous statement : how on earth could such a thing be activated by default as it is intended to be installed on a professional DAW, on which using Internet on the background is everything but recommended ? After this, I immediatly saw that it was taking ages to load a template often used without too much delay with 6.5…

Then, I just stayed aghast while seeing one UI regression after the other : the disappearing of the Preferences ‘Appearance / Work area’ page (no more settings of the grid display and intensity/brightness ones) and the ‘General’ one reduced to its minimal state (no more settings of the buttons views and color tones). I also saw the horrible white mask on the project cursor, which alone makes C7 close to unusable for me and my ageing eyes, the anormal behavior of the R/W buttons of the FX/Group tracks when narrowing them, the flashy white background of the overview line, the unnecessary changes in the track ‘Edit’ window, and so on… Made researches for hours, exploring all the new preferences settings in a vain attempt to get what was existing and perfectly working previously.

I then explored the RCE, which was the new feature that decided me to upgrade : it appeared useless for me as I don’t have one of the remote items appearing in the restricted list in it. The worst thing is that I cannot use it with my two Generic Remote devices already defined. I also experienced with it 3 crashes and finally, Sming, one of the Steinberg employee, honestly acknowledged that the RCE was not yet as it was advertised and also admitted the crash bug. I gave up, since…

After all this, I also tested the ASIO guard, hoping that it would more or less reduce the significative added resources used : to no avail…

Disappointed, I tried the MixConsole only to note how clumsy it is, with the notorious removal of the vmx support… It has been re-added since, but still : what on earth are they thinking when removing such features ? And after three updates, the problems are still there. What I was hoping for was an extended C6 like mixer that would have allowed us to see inserts and sends at the same glance : nothing more, actually…

So, enough is enough : I am here left with a useless C7.0.3 which I not even bothered to relaunch since I installed it and quickly noted that all the regressions are here to stay. What more to say, excepting that I enjoy more and more using again 5.1.1 for its responsiveness and UI features (transparent events, no oversized info line…) ?