[POLL]Being able to move instruments in the rack

I don’t understand why being able to move the instruments around within the rack makes any difference – you can easily move them around within the project window, for various purposes, incl grouping. I do it all the time. The order in the rack is irrelevant

What am i missing here?

yep, a prime candidate for a facelift in Cubase 7
just rearange, add a few basic computer program features and the impact crater would be huge! :sunglasses:

+1000, this does my head in!
last one doesn’t really bother me (yet), but it makes sense.

The VST rack has multiple issues imo. A few more pretty obvious ones …

  • Unless you just turn on all outputs at once you have to keep navigating back to the same menu if you only want the first 8 of a 16 output synth turned on. That’s 7 trips into the same menu (for outputs 2-8) to do something that should probably be (in Cubase) on a small dialog?

  • Still no presets or templates that capture the multi-output settings for things there.

  • Not being able to look at the rack and know which instruments are currently in use - connected to something - and which aren’t. I mean, this is software right?

Most of that stuff is many years old as relates to being requested by users.

I’m fairly sure there’s a little blue dot on the instrument rack that lights up if an instrument receives midi data? I know that’s not ideal, but better than nothing at all.

True. I kinda meant offline but sure, you can play the song and look to see if one or three of the 18 blue lights doesn’t ever blink.

Certainly better than nothing at all.