(Poll) bezier curves, snap to zero in CC & automation

Do you want Bezier curves in CCs and automation?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care

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Please add Bezier curves for automation and especially CC editing like in Studio One and Bitwig studio. The preset curves and point-based data is a lot less precise to use. This would be a killer feature and really the only thing i’ve hoped for since version 6.

Also a snap to zero toggle would be great for CC editing. Cursed a lot when trying to edit a CC to 0 (yes, numerical input is possible, but a snap to zero toggle would be faster).

I can’t believe missing bezier curves.

Are you sure you aren’t doing something wrong ? Cubase is the most complete DAW ever. Period.

+1 … again! Sigh.

No bezier and better automation tools plus other things, I’m switching DAW. Bye bye. Sad but true…

+1 can’t believe they skipped this again I thought we’d see a massive improvement in automation maybe even a multi quick controll. A stationary transport bar isnt really a feature this doesn’t feel like a full update.

Even though I don’t agree with the tone of this thread… :wink:

+1 we need bezier curves.
And also more than 6 insert slots!!

Ehhhm guys, you can draw ANY shape you like, just rightclick, choose your tool and draw.
No vector/anchor bezier shape limitations.

Ehhhm Raphie we know this feature but this is not what we want. With the curve feature we get a curves automation out of many many dots. And it’s very hard to change anything afterwards. You have to draw the curve again everytime you want to change something.

^florian360 is exactly right. Cubase’s current automation is not good for many electronic music producers since we look for precision in automation and also experiment with automation shape a lot. Without Bezier curve this is very difficult to do.

For audio you are probably right, but I use mostly midi, I just hold my left mousebutton and draw whatever I want?

no Raphie, it goes for MIDI as well, as we want to do precise pitch bends and CC edits for expression, modulation and control VST plugin parameters through CC. The point based system just doesn’t provide any benefits over a system based on vectors and adjustable bezier curves. It’s slow, difficult to adjust precisely. It’s a shame that Cubase doesn’t offer a vector based CC control, or they could even think of how to do that even better. Math fucntions affecting the data in real time? That would be rad.

Second that!

+1 for curves and automation improvements!!

It’s really past time that this feature was added. Please, Steinberg!

Please, Steinberg :slight_smile:

+1 more


^ agree completely. Because not everyone needs it doesn’t mean they can ignore a sizeable and growing population that needs it. I’m also disappointed when there are people who think of these as unnecessary features that have workaround. Like… come on