POLL C12 working with or without issues , Happy or not?

  • No issues
  • Issues
  • Happy
  • Not Happy

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Looking good with the small amount of votes :joy:

Maybe you could add Mac or PC to the list. Maybe that is making a difference in what we are seeing.

I choose not to vote. I have opened a few Pro 10.5 and 11 projects in 12 and all is well. These, however, are VERY basic projects as a test run. I haven’t done enough to claim any issues, therefore cannot claim no issues.

What this has to do with whether I am “Happy or not”, I have no idea … I have generally not been happy lately. Nothing to do with Steinberg or Cubase, though :stuck_out_tongue: .

So, if I was to vote it would be “No issues” and “Not Happy”. Naturally, this would not sit well with your intentions of the poll. Anyway … nice to see you are hanging in there, FF!


Well thanks for you non vote insight to you mental well being and being a neutral non voter Scab :joy:
I’m always lurking in the background . The worlds not a happy place at the mo , use all that non happiness as inspiration , hard sometimes i know but the best music is written via true emotion :wink:

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Happy in my little Cubase world. So far nothing to report. Well nothing that has bothered me so far. Will it last? Who knows? Living in the moment.

Core of Program
No Issues, Happy

Expectation of Core Audio features
Above and Beyond, Thrilled, Amazed, Grateful

Expectation of new features
Very Disappointed, Frustrated

New Scripting Environment
Issues, Not Happy, Disappointed.

Lack of new techniques (such as non -linear, expression enhancements, MIDI LFO, mixed tracks, etc.)

I picked 2 - happy and issues.
Had to sort through some issues first, but I think I’m going to really like this update.
I love using Pro without a dongle on my laptop,