[POLL] Channel Strip - Do you use it?

Do you use Channel Strip

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  • No

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Just out of curiosity…

You can of course explain your answer, if you want to.


I use the Gates, LPF and HPF and Compressor very often.
Sometimes the EQ is useful but I usually end up using plugs.

Have my go-to 3rd party plugins for many tasks but nonetheless the channel strip modules have their uses. Absolutely handy with mass stuff like gang shouts or layers of backing vocals and the like (compressing individual tracks instead of their bus i.e.).

Gate, Enveloper, Saturation are the most used. Magneto II is cool too, I sometimes even use it on busses that have tape/saturation plugins on them already - it adds a little bit extra presence sometimes and it does so in a very euphonic way!

I tend to use 3rd party plugins when using Cubase.

Not much in the start, now all the time. If I can’t get the sound using the channel strip I use other plugins sure. A good way to get familiar with the channel strip is to take an old project and recreate it only using the “CS” To my surprise I could get really close, really fast. Less control is sometimes better, you trust your ears more, when not distracted by some fancy GUI.

The Channel Strip plug-ins are absolutely fine. In the beginning I wasn’t too impressed but I’ve found myself using them more and more over time. At first, mainly because they’re generally convenient bread and butter plugs that you can just drop in without wasting an insert slot. And also because they’re nice and simple, just a few knobs that often does the job without any fuss. If you want something more complicated then go for UAD or Waves or whatever, but very often the Channel strip just works.

I wouldn’t want to be without them now.

I’m still learning Cubase Pro 8 (formerly Sonar and others) and I really like the Channel Strip. I think the EQ section is particularly strong in that it gives the frequency and the corresponding note name for any node added. I like having all the tools right there for basic gain staging – the Input Trim is very cool.

I voted no. Seldom would be more accurate. I have third party plugs for everything in the channel strip that are simply better in audio and visuals so I usually reach for those first. Its too difficult to see settings on knobs in the channel strip at present.

I use the HPF and the Gates from Cubase plugins and thats about it. The updated DeEsser I’ve just noticed, which mimics my Sony Supresser quite well so I’ve started using that a bit on backing vocals

that poll needs more options.

I am using it.

But not much… Of course the HP/LP filters are BRILLIANT… I often just activate a bunch of Magneto2 in rendered VSTi tracks - orchestra, keys… in a rock/metal scenario this is a quick and fast way to “pimp” the sound a bit “pre” mixer…

I never used Gate/Comp… For transients I usually prefer Sonnox or SPL but I used the Channelstrip as well - mostly mobile on the laptop just for a quick fix…

–> its nice to have the Channelstrip. But do not put too much weight in its importance

Yeah, could do with some more options here… I use it sparingly and mostly only for pre-production work rather than on my final mixes - where I use Waves and UAD mostly.


I would, if you could doubleclick things in the strip and a gui would open up;)

I voted No, but very seldom would be correct.

I never use it within the mixer (a bloody GUI mess IMO), but very seldom from the Channel Editor.

I use the channelstrip within the composing process, manly limiting the"master" and eq-ing, cause of trying a lot of different drums and basses, sometimes leads. Sometimes it starts to clip which will mystify my ears…

Within the mixing process I mostly change them…

Sometimes I use the saturation and LPF +HPF…

Yes, mainly use comp on reverb / delay return channels for ducking. That’s the fastest way.

The channel strip is incredibly useful and fast,and easily good enough for use on final mixes! In previous versions I did not use the EQ or any in built plugins for processing, but the new LP /HP filters are especially useful. (my LP default set to 48db) I like that you can quickly duplicate the settings on quicklinked channels in realtime. The limiting,magneto2 t etc is also servicable and easily good enough to use on final mixes. Third party plugs and outboard still absolutely have their advantages for critical/surgical control and tailored sound but as far as simple workmans tools go, the channel strip is a win for Cubase.