POLL: Clicking and fiddling in the new mixer.

I am just doing my first steps in N6/C7…

I love the new mixer. Basically. It gives me all the options / workflow I ever wanted when dealing with those 300track projects…

I HATE the edit window - I HATE the new control room.

Just look at the already posted comparison-screenshots.

There have to be some modifications. I understand that “some” of the options and workflow modifications will need more clicking… it is ok - more clicking here, saving time there. But Steinberg just left out brilliant design details - which (of course) are “old fashioned” - but WORKING!

Mixer concept is great! But leaving out for example on/off button for plugins… I can not understand… I am switching on/off plugins all the time to compare them, because bypass is NOT the same. Some waves plugins have 1 sample delay when bypassed… Messes when doing parallel compression stuff. DSP plugins will not unload in bypass. Bypass I usually use in combination with automation. For example with a simple delay inserted directly on a track. There are plugins which are NOT transparent when in bypass - some plugins will clip/limit off at 0db when only bypassed.
Ok, wrong topic :slight_smile: Sorry!

I do agree that the new mixer is a pain in in it’s present form but feel that it has great potential. Steinberg, in my opinion, has been very good in the past with addressing user needs and I would hope that in the near future they will address all or most of the issues that have been complained about most vehemently concerning the new mixer.

Obviously, different people have different opinions about the new mixer GUI. Some like the look but not the extra clicks, while some hate both. The fact is that the extra clicks are inherent in the new look. So if there’s anything to be done about the extra clicks–as demanded by seemingly the majority of users–a redesign in the GUI will also have to be involved. Will it ever happen? That’s another story…or better say, the whole story.

About the Nuendo/Nuage theory, be it true or not, I think Nuendo users are much less likely to buy Nuage simply because of compatibility, rather it’s the other way round. One who chooses to own Nuage might very well get motivated to entirely switch their perfectly working DAW to Nuendo merely on compatibility grounds; which brings me to my main argument: Yamaha certainly have the power and means to manufacture a custom-designed Nuendo to go with their expensive hardware–even as a bundle–and stop messing with the nerves of the rest of us.
Just an opinion.

I’m really struggling with the mixer. Do you guys have any suggestions of how to see gain (or trim) on each channel? Or the send amount? Currently I don’t seem to be able to do anything without clicking, and I tend to keep my mouse away from the mixer wherever possible, because it wastes time otherwise.


I do not want to sound like an old conservative parrot - but for me it looks like that since years. They are changing something in a way where 9 out of 10 users are complaining as well as they are heavily interrupted in their workflow.

The last thing (before N6) they changed in a poser-way is the events GUI - the whole N5 thing was way behind N4 regarding the look of Events, overlapping etc… I really do not know why they spend time to change something good and professional to something looking and feeling like Garage Band.

It tooks almost all the time a big version is out till everything is working fine - for example latest 5.5.6 seems to be a good release, I am still on 5.5.4 because I am in the middle of finishing a big session - but as it seems to me 5.5.6 could be a version which can give me pleasure for a long time here.

I think it is not always bad to invent something new - in the first moment I hated how Nuendo changed when going from V1 to V2… V1 was for me the “holy grail” 12 or 13 years ago and Nuendo 2 was something complete different, and it was a very weak release in the beginning. Serious features were broken… Crossfades were clicking and stuff, it took ages till everything was fine - but in the end we had with Nuendo 3 a quite brilliant release. I was using Nuendo 3 for a long time, like I did with Nuendo 1.52.

So the design which was implemented with V2 is basically the design we have with latest 5.5.6 - just that 5.5.6 is optimized close to perfection incl features I always wanted.

Now they get rid of everything which worked good for us and made Nuendo 6. (Or Cubase 7 - not talking about Cubase now to keep it simple).

And I have to say that I love the idea behind the new console and - well - in some way I could live with the new look and all - it lacks a little bit that “real mixing desk” feeling/look, which I think is bad, because that “real mixing desk” thing is working for both - for the client who is just watching me while mixing - and for the engineer who is able to use the desk intuitively because everything is there were you would look for it.

So the new look is more “iPad app” style… well… why not… I could have been great to have “real looking” faders and stuff, but this is not a showstopper.

I can not understand why they were not able to “modify” the old and existing design in a way that all the new features are implemented but still keeping the old mixing desk. Of course there will be need to change things to make others fit into an existing concept - no problem! Maybe the could chance the color as well or make a new fader-optic… what they want.

But I can really not understand why the left out all these buttons which we all are used to.

Plugin slot with the plugin, above the on/off switch, then the bypass button and last but not least the editor-button.

So it is straight:

Clicking on the plugin —> pulldown for selecting another plugin or no plugin
Clicking the on/off --> Plugin is switched on or completely off
Clicking the bypass —> Plugin is bypassed
Clicking the “e” --> You have the plugin editor open/closed.

Now that is simple.

Now I have to take care to NOT remove the plugin just because I clicked on an area slightly “off” - because I have to click just a solid bar (Plugin) for all these features - including double click for editor… When things go fast and you are “into it” - it happens all the time that you click too fast so the command “double click” is interpreted by the computer as “single click” - in that case you have to take care not to remove the plugin …

The overall mixing desk thing is ok - beside the fact that the design is suboptimal regarding the sizes - I have gigantic fader handles and in the same times thoses poti knobs from the channel strip are micro-sized, on a high res laptop screen all the space is used up from things which I do not need and in the same time I have to fiddle with knobs with a size of a Mosqitos Poo.

Not talking about control room and channel editor… Here is said enough.

I am wondering what kind of usability testing Steinberg performs. It seems to me as if their design goal was to somehow simplify the visual and user interaction (failed and failed), instead of improve workflow. Maybe Steinberg forgot that this is supposed to be a professional application and not a consumer utility toy?

I haven’t yet ranted, although I feel like it. However, I have made the decision to mix the next project in Pro Tools, as the new N6 mixer just makes the job slower, and I can’t afford to pay an engineer for an extra day, when he can do the job adequately in Pro Tools.


Hello SB

The mixer was better in N1-N5. One of many examples: you have to hoover over the Gain icon to see the gain setting. Before you could glance the entire mixer to see gain settings. One more, the mouse scroll wheel use to adjust the gain in one dB increments, now 1 then .9, then 1, .9, 1, 1, .9. I don’t get it.

Thank you
Jim Fox

Keep voting, chaps…

Big K


At 96%, I would expect that product management (and by extension product design folks) at Steinberg to be pretty upset at this point!

I absolutely agree with the main concern of this poll.

Nicely said. This is what I meant to say. Sometimes the price for innovation is that you may have to try a couple of times before you get it right!