Poll: Do you use the Chord Track?

Do you use the chord track?

  • Yes, extensively
  • Moderately
  • Occasionally
  • Never

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Curious to know what portion of the user-base uses the Chord Track features .

I would wish there was a third option - moderately…

I use chord tracks fairly often. It is just an easy tool to have.
I can’t say I use it extensively, but I use it certainly more than just occasionally.

For me - it is something that is a valuable part of Cubase. Does it need some improvement? I think that would do not harm in any way. But in it’s present form it is very useful, fast and easy…


Well I seem to have screwed this up. :blush:

I’d originally considered have an option for moderate but thought that might be too many so I didn’t. Then seeing this I thought I could edit the poll and add another option. Which turns out cleared all the votes so far to zero - sorry about that. Before that it was about 50% occasionally with the rest split close to even between extensively and never.

The chord track is basically the reason I am buying Cubase. And, as it happens, Cubase is also awesome in many other ways, I found.

I voted moderately.

I like the chord track because I don’t need a keyboard to add pads! I use it whenever I need to quickly add synth chords to a song, but I can’t be bothered to play them in or I’m at someone else’s gaff without a keyboard. Also really good for auditioning different chordal ideas and also then communicating the said chord names to someone else - e.g. a guitarist. And this last point is really important because it helps a lot with collaboration.

But there are quite a few things that irritate me about it, like it seems I’m always fighting to understand how it works - well, over and above the obvious fact it displays and plays chords… It just doesn’t seem intuitive!

And I don’t really like the way the chord ‘clips’ don’t look like other clips in the window, for example, I think the length should indicate how long the chord plays for rather than being sized to the text which describes the chords. Gets me every time.

A chord of A#??? With a C double sharp and an E sharp making up the triad? Surely some mistake… :wink:

Yeah, I like it, and I use it moderately.


This, and a few others… It makes my Urine boil. :astonished:

I also like it, but moderate use.
I find it useful for those elusive coloured chord extensions.