[Poll] Does anyone use Cubase's effect plug-in's?

Do you use any of Cubase’s own effect plug in’s ? (Do not include VSTi synths like Halion etc)

  • Never
  • Very rarely
  • Often
  • Always - the only ones I use

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I find that I just don’t use any of Cubase’s effect plug in’s, not even EQ or compressors.

So does anyone use any of Cubase’s effect plug in’s.

This is only VST effects, do not include VSTi synths in this poll.

Do I really need a classic emulation to scoop a bit of mid out a background vocal… Na, stock eq is fine for that.
Do I need the latest tape emulation delay to add a bit of bounce to a minor part… Na, the stock delays are fine for that.

So yes I use Cubase FX where appropriate.

Envelope Shaper, Stereo to Mono, Stereo Enhancer and Test Tone Generator

For EQ and compression I have my UAD-2 and PSP-audioware stuff.
For the rest: I absolutely love Cubase’s bitcrusher and sometimes I use the channel EQ for some low- and highcut.
Some of the delays get used and for reverb I almost always use Reverence (with the wonderfull and free http://www.samplicity.com/bricasti-m7-impulse-responses/ though).
Finally, I regularly put the maximizer and limiter on my main bus.
But the main soundsculpting always happens with non-Cubase plugins (P.S.: I also use Variety of Sound/Bootsy’s stuff a lot).

Great tip I would like to give it a try. I see a few download options there. Which impules library download works with reverence.

I’m using the 32 bit, 44.1 Khz wave files.

Some delays, when I want to manipulate delay eq (like Madonna preset).


Channel EQ is the only EQ I ever use. The compressor is my go-to compressor although I have some others. Roomworks is the only reverb plugin I ever use. For other fx I have 3rd party stuff.

As much as I can! Only when Cubase doesnt fulfill my desires, do I reach out. Not really sure why people would write em off as unusable, but to each his own!

Some people are biased to their placebo. My buddy was pushing his Waves emulations of the SSLs on me for the longest. What I found was, they just kinda streamlined what Cubase already offers. He was too lazy to TRY for himself to see if it was actually worth it. He swore up n down that “they produce that SSL sound, nothing else can emulate”. This was and is…completely BULLSHIT. You can achieve the SAME results with multiple plugins, right inside the box, with MORE RESOLUTION for tweaking. Waves was so drastic, you have to adjust it in such small increments, it was rather annoying for me.

I love Cubase and all (well, most) its offerings. I use my ears though!, not my wallet, to create music.

Pretty much the only Cubase plugs I DON’T use on a regular basis would be VST Dynamics (I use the Sonnox Dynamics plug), I very rarely use any of Cubase’s VST EQs (although I use the channel EQ on almost every track), Dual Filter (I use FabFilter Volcano or CamelPhat), and the surround plugs.

I love being able to just right click on any parameter to open its automation lane or map it to a quick control knob :sunglasses:

I use channel EQ, Roomworks SE, and Stereo Enhancer rather often. I’m always looking for better guitar amps and compressors though, especially not having a multi band. :sunglasses:


Talking about the EQ for example on a bass, will dephase it, super…

Modulation are really basics and smelling the numeric signature so much. In fact they 've just no personality IMHO.

Sometime it’s usefull for quick and dirty prototype of sound. Until i find if i need a delay or a reverb, i will replace them systematically.


Jack :smiley: :smiley:

I mostly use EQ of my DM-4800. But whenever I find Cubase’s EQs to suit my task better (surgical work, different EQs on stereo track’s channels, when need of graphic EQ, …) I use Cubase’s EQs.

Cubase’s gate is just excellent. For compression I use my DM-4800, extrernal boxes, Waves RComp/C4 and some free plugins.

Mostly use my DM’s internal TC FX and my external units. But Cubase’s Karlette is cool.

Analog emulation:
DaTube, Magneto. Sometimes using these, sometimes free third-party solutions. Whichever suits my task better.

Some other Cubase plugins I use: Rotary, Chorus, Flanger. These are just fine. No need to search for third-party solutions.

And Karlette is even better.

I use often: Reverence, roomworks, magneto, karlette, gate, ping pong and stereo delays. Sometimes I use Cubase EQs, Limiter, phaser, rotary cab, and VST amp rack.

I tend to use Cubase and third party plugins together.

I use the Compressor for side chaining/ducking all the time, also use the Stereo Enhancer a bit as well as the channel EQ. I think Cubase delays are quite good too.



Just the ticket for gentle ducking of grouped guitars, etc. simple clean interface and neutral sound.

I use these great effect plugin´s very often, they sound absolutely very good -
-> also in comparison with expensive third-party plugin´s (!)

my favorite plugin tools:
Channel & Studio EQ, VintageCompressor, Gate, REVerence, Roomworks, Delays, Phaser, Amps, ModMachine, AutoPan, Magneto, Tonic…
and… of course - QuadraFuzz!!! :sunglasses: (I hope a new VST3 version is in the pipeline?)

together with Waves, Sonnox, UAD, Nomad, e.g.

And I love the easy-to-use Midi-Plugins: Arpeggiator, Chorder, PatternDesigner… etc.

Oh, and the new VSTi´s are also great: I often use Prologue, Monologue, Retrologue (wow!), Padshop, HalionSE, GrooveAgentOne.

Very rarely.
Reverence is useful. So is the gate. But the rest I never use.

Besides hardware I most frequently use the UAD plugins. But I also find Sonoris, Elysia, Fabfilter, Sonnox, etc (in no special order) amongst the better ones.

Quadrafuzz! Channel Eq…