[Poll] Does anyone use Cubase's effect plug-in's?

I use the track eq’s all the time. Also envelope shaper and Reverence.

The envelope shaper is very nice on kick and toms, and inserting/using the Cubase gate after it in the rack works a treat.


yeah built in plugins are very useable, I just don’t like steinberg’s multi-band compressor, compressor and limiters.
Steinberg is doing way better job at effects plugins than virtual instruments these days, (unlike back in the days of wizoo virtual instruments, which are still some of the best virtual instruments even today, especially virtual guitarists and bassist. Wizoo and Steinberg were a great team. even though wizoo is A.i.r at avid now they don’t make as good instruments as they did together with steinberg)

I often use Cubases plugins reverbs Delays compressors and eq’s also like to use step filter quite a bit too



I would apperciate to have new VST3 versions of…:

Cubase SX´ Ringmodulator, Vocoder, Magneto, StepFilter, Chopper (!!), Quadrafuzz (!!!)

P.S: the code is still in the drawer, make a new look and feel with more parameters - please Steinberg.


Sure i use them,why not?
I generally avoid the reverbs but i use the channel eq,gate,delays,filters.

Well so far 97% of people do use the Cubase FX to some degree or other.

I use reverb, delay, chorus, VST3 compressor for sidechain ducking, gate, sometimes EQ for HP…studio EQ sounds good too. But I use PSP and Fabfilter too :slight_smile:

envelope shaper… I forgot that one…I entend to use more…distortion and such. I’m not one of those people that say all the plugs suck. I would always try first. I’ve only been at it for 10 months.