[POLL] FAO: people annoyed about 8 inserts limitation

Of course! This is one of the main arguments against using a 3rd party chainer. An advanced native Steinberg chainer could potentially overcome all of that and offer parallel routing, frequency splitting, mid/side processing, etc.

I know that sounds mad, but think about the way the Sampler Track works, it’s not technically a plugin and it has advantages, such as having access to the pool and the ability to transmit samples to Groove Agent SE etc. Innovation is about looking past the boundaries of old paradigms.

Another issue, is plug-ins that use floating point (like UAD), unless the chainer worked in floating point, that would mess that up

I don’t understand what you mean. All processing in Cubase is done in a floating point domain, isn’t it? That’s why you can’t clip the channels. Or am I missing something?

Of course this proposed chainer, could be floating point, and have individual automation lines and independence, but that isn’t a chainer - that would just be more than 8 inserts (which I do support the idea of)

How would that not be a chainer? I’m proposing more inserts but I’m also proposing advanced routing options, which couldn’t be done simply by tacking on more inserts. The inserts vs sends model is a looking a bit old and withered by now. :laughing:

Could you help us to understand the specific disadvantages of an advanced native chainer (as described in my opening post) vs just more slots?

Of course I can: I want to see all my inserts in the mixer view. And not just a chainer.

But if we get a chainer, where we can do crazy stuff like you said in the opening post (mind/side, dry/wet and so on…) + we are somehow able to see the plugins in the mixer view + we are able to use sidechain on each plugin, can still automate every knob, it would be a killer feature! :smiley:

There is no need to turn a feature request as straight forward as allowing more of what is already a core feature in all DAWs, into an unnecessary, adversarial posturing against producers of a particular genre of music.

And there are more than a few users of Cubase around the world that create electronic-oriented music. Many of them signed artists who make their living at it.

Cubase has been chock full of MIDI features for decades.

Performance, design and ergonomics haven’t been harmed in any of the other DAWs that support unlimited inserts.

I voted no to a plugin chainer because I want to see at a glance what’s in my inserts. And I don’t want another layer of abstraction for automation. And because I feel it’s a Rube Goldberg, awkward design, where only a simple solution is needed.

I’d be fine if the mix console defaulted to showing exactly 8 inserts, as it does now, but could be increased upon demand – for those who don’t want to see a visual change.

I can’t answer this, since there is no option for: Give us more than 8 inserts. They would need to do a new version like Pro Tools did: You save as the older version in order to open the project again in older versions. You can’t open older versions in newer versions. Worked fine for Pro Tools, didn’t bother me one bit in the name of progressing things. Sometimes to get into a much better place you need to make a minor sacrifice like that, so my opinion is that Steinberg doesn’t need to worry so much about backwards compatibility at this point. Work on older projects in the older format if you need to, then import older into the newer format if you need the new features on them.

That’s the only way it’s going to work, unless they figure out a way to make it all compatible (which they haven’t been able to in a long time it seems - so let’s move on to an option that works).

I need more than 8 sends!

THAT’S exactly what I’ve been talking about the whole time… What if you COULD see the inserts in the mixer view? And what if you could do all the routing and still easily automate it all? I’m not saying that’s possible or could happen, but I’m offering it as an alternative suggestion. It’s up to Steinberg to decide/figure out how/what can be implemented.

Okay, thanks! Those are obviously reasons that would apply to 3rd party chainers. What if a baked-in Steinberg chainer could be designed to display its inserts with a glance at the mixer and to avoid the layer of abstraction for automation? That’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility. I’d only be cool with a chainer IF it didn’t come with those sorts of issues. Would you consider recasting your vote?

With genuine respect, the way you’ve worded that might possibly look like a knee-jerk reaction, to someone who doesn’t understand the rationale behind your opinion. Could you help us to understand the specific disadvantages of an advanced native chainer (as described in my opening post) vs just more slots?

I mean… I’m up for more slots, but I think I’d rather have a super advanced chainer than still be stuck with 8 slots a few more updates down the road. That’s why I think it’s wise to give this idea a fair trial. I certainly wouldn’t want a native chainer if it wasn’t better than a ‘more slots’ solution. :laughing:

My pleasure. Thanks for highlighting this long wished for request!

Hmm, that sounds a lot like, simply more inserts (for those that add more inserts).

Especially, if it’s going to be showing near the inserts area in the console. And if it’s not, it may be confusing to new users of Cubase. They might ask the question, “why are there two sets of inserts in the console?” It might add, ironically, more complexity than it aims to take away. E.g., a pre/post inserts button.

But I think a chainer could also be useful for other reasons, but not as a replacement to console-level inserts.

If the desire is to see a chainer as an addition (and stop-gap), then I’ll change my vote, as I’m not against the chainer to use as a chainer. And I’m not against seeing arrive first… mostly, because all hope that Steinberg cares about this issue is lost anyway :laughing:

Well it should sound a lot like simply more inserts. I’m first and foremost an advocate of unlimited inserts. I wouldn’t be satisfied with a half-baked solution, but I’m interested to explore less obvious ideas if and only if there’s a good possibility they can be implemented in a way that’s as good as, if not better than, simply adding more inserts.

This is a comment on a purely hypothetical implementation. My question is, if the implementation was to your liking, would you be happy with that?


Well, not really. The question is, with an implementation that satisfies all of your needs, could an advanced native chainer be a good alternative to additional inserts? I’ll tell you this much… if they simply extended it to 16 inserts I’d be spitting fire. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Why? Steinberg have acknowledged the feature request and have specifically said they’re not ignoring any suggestions.

I didn’t read your actual first post, my bad!

I hear what you’re saying, yes.

Agreed :laughing: 16 would be enough for me, too. More than enough.

As for my hopelessness about this feature, mostly because the 8 insert limit was introduced in Cubase VST 3.5 in 1998. I remember several years later, around 2002, other DAWs having more inserts and wanting more in Cubase.

So it’s been passed over for 15 years now :smiley:

As for “would I be happy if I were happy”… tautologically, I guess I would have to be, but I can’t envision an implementation that walks and talks like console inserts, that isn’t simply console inserts.

So until I see a specific implementation that overcomes my lack of imagination, my (lone) vote will stay as a “no.”

Uh-huh… good answer, good answer. Now, if you could just let me in on where the boundaries of your imagination clash with your hopes of more inserts…? I mean, what is it specifically that you couldn’t imagine being well-implemented that’d have to be in place to make you a happy camper? I ask in part because I would change my own vote if the reason is sufficiently compelling. I really hope I’m not overlooking something.

10 Inserts would be fine!! :mrgreen:

yes would like a chainer … but steinberg would charge for it so tha it will be backward compatible? just a question

I think personally, the ability to assign each insert as pre or post fader is more important.

Regardless, The elephant hidden behind the tree in the room is, the more plugins you use in these inserts, the higher the probability of phase issues with the tracks, due to latency and the way they affect the material.


We’re talking about a baked-in Cubase feature, not a chargeable add-on

I voted yes, but only if that’s the only option to overcome this limitation. Why couldnt the insert slot section look excactly like before until you actively decide to add the 9th plugin. After that the slot number increase
by one with each plugin you add. This way everyone’s happy. Someone mentioned phase issues, and if your afraid of that just avoid adding another plugin. Personally Im not afraid, and if your a mixing engineer using three inserts
on a vocal I would provably look around for someone ekse to do the job. If you’re creative do whatever you want,
but I still dont understand the mindset of wanting a program to limit you. “Oh, slow down, sure you need that decapitator?” “sure you need another de-esser?” “I know you’re computer is a beast, but please be careful!!” And one more thing: the cubase channel strip does not sound anywhere close to specidic third party plugins, so to me if Cubase really is “Pro” now unlimted inserts is an absolute must.

Just to be specific. Let’s say half of Cubase’s users want unlimted
inserts and half of them don’t. Why not let it be an option? The next slots are added only when you choose to.

Personally I feel like a fossil
when I watch someone with Ableton having 16 plugins on a channel. In the right hans that is extreemly

What would happen to inserts 7 and 8, which are post-fader, once 9 is introduced? It gets complex here.