[POLL & FEATURE REQUEST] Save as Hitpointed Loop...

Would you like to have a proper file format for Hitpoint - processed audio files?

  • Yes, this would be useful.
  • I don`t need it.
  • I dont care, I dont use REX or Hitpoints.

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Hello guys!

I miss an option, which allows me to save a file which has been already processed with Hitpoints, as a proper format.

Why would I need that?

  1. We could make a library of loops based on Hitpoints.
  2. When I import a “hitpointed” file, the hitpoint information is not imported,
    so I have to to “hitpoint” the file again. If wed have aproper format for this, we dont need to hitpoint again.
  3. Propellerheads and Sony have their own formats, why shouldn`t we. Unfortunately,
    you need Recycle or ACID to create those files, to be able to use them in Cubase.

If you have more goog reasons for such a format, I`ll gladly add them.

All the best.


+1 Indeed a great idea

Greetz Bassbase

Just a bump to motivate you all to discuss and vote.


Yep… Makes sense.

Yes, That would be :sunglasses:

interesting! Like Apple Loops? I remember vaguely that there were Slice Points (?)
my vote: yes!

Have you had a look at “Set Definition From Tempo” Not quite the same thing I know, but allows you to define an audio track with Tempo Info embedded, so It follows the project tempo.

Actually I didn´t, but my request is based on the observation, that
when I create loops with hitpoints, I also insert different audio files, move slices, process them etc, which is all unavailable for any other project than the one I made it in. That goes a lot further than a simple elastic tempo thingie. That´s why I ask for that kind of file.

BTW. Nice to see, that the idea is kind of supported by various users.