POLL for simpler version. Please comment. Ta.

Should Dorico produce a cheaper less functional version.

  • 1. Absolutely.
  • 2. Maybe.
  • 3. Not needed.
  • 4. You must be joking.

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G’day everyone.

I would be very interested if we could have a poll here.

Dorico of course is becoming the default music typesetting program for all serious music typesetters, arrangers, composers, and it is exciting for me to be on board the typesetting train :slight_smile:

My typesetting needs in the near future, probably for the next two or three years are very straight forward. I need to be able to typeset music for piano solo, or piano with voice and guitar chords, and nothing else. My humble feelings are that Dorico can now do that perfectly, and I cannot see any additional changes needed for piano, voice and guitar chords, but of course I may be quite wrong.

I would love the Dorico developers to create a smaller version of Dorico with just the piano, voice, guitar, options available. If the coding was not too complicated, and a simpler version could be created, I reckon this would be a great entry point for musicians who do not need the incredible versatility that Dorico currently offers for a steepish price, and dare I say steepish learning curve, although worth every cent.

Purchasers of the cheaper version could then upgrade to the full version. This would give a much larger entry customer base for Dorico. I believe that everyone would be smiling all the way to the bank :slight_smile:

Even though I have Dorico for Windows, if Dorico came out in a simpler version, I would purchase it on the spot.

Have I lost the plot? Are my senior’s years showing :slight_smile:, or is this a good idea?

I look forward to hearing some comments. Thank you.

Best wishes to everyone here.


I wouldn’t be surprised if a ‘lite’ version of the software arrives years from now. The main competitors have such versions. That said, at this particular moment in time, that would detract from the development of core features and thus I highly doubt you’d see such a pared down version any time soon. I’m quite certain that they are looking to be the industry standard-bearer. As such, they need to flesh out before they can pare down.

Hey Romanos401, you may be absolutely right.

I may have to put my thinking caps on to master the piano/voice/guitar options with the current version.

Best wishes with your music making and bye for now.


Hi all !
I think it looks great! I would love to use it, but it is SO EXPENSIVE!!! I really can’t afford it!
And maybe it is best not to try, otherwise if i like then what!

It has already been stated by Daniel, that they will produce a smaller version of Dorico in the future (like Cubase or Wavelab). So there is not really a need for this poll.

You mentioned the “learning curve”, do you really consider it steep?

I find Dorico to be quite intuitive once you know it’s base workflow model (which consistis IMO of: differences between engrave and composing mode, engrave options, poppers and the way note input works with the carrot, options/properties panel, and player setup) everything can be followed without much of a hassle.

On top of that, people are really nice on these forums, and wow, Daniel is a dedicated and patient man arround here!; so finding a workarround for an issue or a lack of knowledge is pretty easy. Plus, in contrast, Sibelius Forums are a mess.

I did not vote in the poll, because another choice is needed:

  1. I don’t think this poll will have any effect on the speed with which a cut-down version will become available (or not).

I would have voted for that one, if it had been available.

Hi AlvoroAlorite.

Yes, indeed. You are absolutely right on all points that you have made. I personally find the learning curve a bit heavy going, mainly because just at the moment I am unable to spend a lot of time with Dorico = my fault entirely.

The people here are incredibly helpful, and range from enthusiastic amateurs to the full blown top notch professionals, all willing to help each other.

Regarding Daniel, he is the man :slight_smile: I have corresponded with him privately with a few hardware/software problems, and he has been extremely helpful not only once or twice, but in responding privately many times, and responding very quickly indeed.

The Dorico support team are simply awesome. A very good product such as Dorico, in some respects can only be as good as the support team behind the product, and the Dorico support team are tops.

Best wishes to you and your family AlvoroAlorite, and seeya.

Steinberg has made light versions of their products and as was pointed out it might be a competitive issue in the future. While I wouldn’t have any use for such a creature, I can see a lower price entry ramp for novice composers. Given the ongoing demand for high end features and the cost of maintaining a development team that can produce so much high quality product code, I suspect the marketing team would need to find a good opportunity and packaging of a lightweight version that doesn’t cannibalize their pro version and features.