POLL: Happy/Unhappy AND what sample rate do you run at?

I’m a happy noob: 44.1 (I mainly use 44.1 because of all the problems I’ve heard about it)

Not happy with several 96kHz related issues.

You guys need to learn how to make your messages into a proper poll (look near the bottom of the message editor)! :wink:

So far, I am happy, only had C6 for about one month however, and limited time to really dig in. Lanes and Elastic are cool.

I prefer 96k, but depending on what the project is all about, less. I get the lowest latency at 96 of course.

not happy
was going for a 64bit version,since the vstbridge is CRAP Im back to old 32bit version on a 64bit system…
not happy

44.1, happy, don’t see the point in using anything else.


All OK here at 44.1KHz,

my output only ever goes to CD (and mp3), so no need for anything other than 44.1KHz for me.

Happy @ 44.1… not happy @48/96 though! we use different rates for different jobs here so a bit of a mixed bag!

Anything other than 44.1 has been throwing up problems for years. All 5 of my systems have been happy with that.
When you run other than 44.1 I guess you really have to look at the soundcard settings so it’s all in a line.
Some cards can be really picky. Also when you do find a problem look at the soundcard forums to see if yours has issues that you may not have seen here.

And do you really need 48 or 96 etc? They certainly don’t sound any better or if they do sound better it’s negligible. My amp goes to 11 and it’s always blowing up.

Yes, some people do. Film for instance…

Not to mention people just handing you projects that were not recorded at 44.1. Some people seem to forget that in some cases Cubase is being used in actual commercial studios and that their own personal preferences for pop tunes or sample rates at home don’t play into the larger picture of what someone else may demand.

I run at 48k. Happy.
I don’t use variaudio, so…
I use midi in almost every project, no problems.


Still on C5 but have tuned my system fairly well to run @ 48 khz 24bit.

Will not be updating until 5.53 is a reality, as I am weighing my options to purchase artist prior to upgrading cubase.

(would love nuendo but that’s another matter)

Happy @ 48Khz and very stable.
It’s all my StudioLive will give me anyway. But I’ve been using this rate for years without problems.

It’s the sample rate I most often use so I can empathize with others here and their issues and as pointed out by Mr Washington, tracking at 96Khz and dithering down in the pool is something I do when reworking (midi) drums.

Oh and where is this poll BTW :question:

+1 44.1khz

Considering Windows defaults to 48Khz (when it works) you’d think that would now be the standard.

Dithering is not used when converting sample rates, it is used as the last stage of processing when changing the bit rate.
Say, from 32bit or 24bit to 16bit to finalise a mix, usually at the mastering stage.

  • at 44.1KHz here.


I don’t notice too much of a difference when I downsample audio files in the pool but mostly like Dr Washinton I like to track at 96Khz and resample at 48Khz but I always stay in 24 bit.

So would I be right that only 16bit is possible using the CD format and the only way around it is to use DVD?