POLL: How long does a full VST rescan take?

How long does a COMPLETE VST Rescan take? (Not a normal boot.)

  • Less than 1 minute
  • Between 1 and 5 minutes
  • Between 5 and 10 minutes
  • Between 10 minutes and an hour
  • Over an hour

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With daylight savings time requiring a complete VST rescan I’m wondering how long these take for you? Some say it’s nearly instant… for me it takes forever. Please vote based on your full rescan experience!

So, you went from 20 minutes to over an hour? Or, was that someone elses vote?

I didn’t even notice it rescanned, so that must’ve been short. I don’t have very many plugs though.

I think the picture will become clearer if everyone states how many 3rd-party VST’s and VSTi’s he has.
In my case 3rd-party VST’s: 15, VSTi’s: 11. Rescan time: less than a minute.

Too bloody long when you’ve got a class of 15 people to teach!

Would have certainly given everyone a clue if the OP had done so originally. Has he got a hundred 3rd party VSTs or one?
And, if the problem is that serious I’d expect a full list of components to have a half handle on his problem.

I only use one 3rd party. The rest the stock Steinbergs. Boot up is about one minute.

Ha! Now Cubase needs to know what the user is doing with it? :mrgreen: 15 pupils can find notes to write down while waiting for computers to do their thing. Or has pen & paper been superceded by the smartphone which takes twice as long? :mrgreen:

As I’ll continue to say … if you know it’s going to delay your class, go in early twice a year and turn on the computers.

However, if it takes that long, there is something else wrong. I have Komplete, most of the IK products, the Arturia Collection, Almost every UAD plugin, a bunch of beta plugins, all the RGC synths, BFD 1 and 2 and a bunch of other one off plugs. My scan took less than a minute. When I was having problems with scans it was because of specific plugins, the biggest contributor were Synthedit based plugs. Once I went the process of identifying the plugs causing problems, it was easy to eliminate them.

The problem isn’t the twice a year re-scan. The problem is how you deal with how it affects you.

And in the UK next year it may not be a problem any more as they are trialling a switch to permanent summertime.
So we can communicate with the half of Europe with money problems. :mrgreen:
I do hope the new version of Cubase 7 will be rather less than a million Euros. And if Greece goes back to the Drachma then I’ll be getting the Greek version as it’ll be cheaper. :mrgreen:

Seems like a mix.

I don’t have an exact count of 3rd party VSTs but I probably have around 50+ VST2.x x64 VSTs/VSTis and about the same number of 32bit ones that I use through jBridge.

I would love it if the US got rid of DST, but not just for this reason :wink:

I also looked at my VST Blacklist and it strangely has most of my iZotope plugs listed… despite the fact that I see them in my VST list. I deleted the blacklist to force it to be recreated and they ended up on there again. I wonder why. I have the latest versions of all of them. Since they still show up, I’m not sure I should worry. It just seemed odd.

I agree with this completely!

On the blacklist …

I found my naughty plugs by moving the folder that contains my plugs to a temp location. Then moving them back a few at a time, forcing a complete rescan each time.

Well the weird thing is those plugs aren’t naughty. The iZotope plugs run just fine. I have no idea why they show on the blacklist.

It seems that a full scan takes more than 60 seconds for the vast majority of respondents.

My rescan took about 45 mins. I did the washing up, which is a plus point…

I have UAD so I guess that’s a fair few, maybe 50+ plugins. Also I tend to use a fair few free plugins, add another 50 or so.

I think there must be a better way of dealing with this. If you’ve got timezone info on the PC then you can work out what GMT is and use that as the baseline time, so there’s something else going on be it poor programming or a bug I’d say.

And, there’s no other software apps that I know of which hiccup twice a year!! Doesn’t happen with photoshop plugins or wavelab plugins or firefox plugins…

Also, if it really has to be done:

  1. why can’t we have a cancel button - to do them later?
  2. why can’t we start with the plugins used most often?
  3. why can’t we load the project and have plugins scanned in the background - at the expense of CPU?

I would like to register my discontent please Steinberg. Many other things I’m impressed with, but this isn’t one of them.