"POLL" how many people are having mixer issues

are you having mixer graphics and function issues

  • no issues
  • constant issues of some sort

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as per title we need to find out exactly what the percentage is of users on the forum are having issues with their mixer UI so could you please kindly choose one of the two simple options .


i am + 1

Yes I am.
Strangely, I had no graphic issues when C7 was released. It was not until some weeks later when I updated my graphics card to the latest drivers did I start to see problems in cubase. I suppose I could “roll back” to a previous version to test, but I don’t want to mess with it.

you think it’s a graphics driver issue ?

i have the latest drivers install for hdmi and im having the minor issues but im interested in the major issues some people are having, are steinberg pushing the boundaries graphics wise that c7 in the future will become a lot more unstable graphic wise ?

I don’t know, and I don’t want to speculate. When C7 was released, there were a lot of forum posts about plugins showing only a white screen, mixer graphic issues and so on. I remember not having any of those issues, none.
Then like I said, I updated my graphics drivers, and now I get the half white meter opening in my template. But that is the only problem.
Could be I updated to 7.01 and problems started, can’t say for sure.

Anyway I rolled back my drivers to the previous version, and I still get the half white meter thing. So probably not a driver issue.

me too, sometimes there are other minor issues but this one is the most problematic.

My issue is:

CurveEq is not responsive. It does’nt react on user input. Display is not updated.

Dr. Max

Cubase 7.0.2 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit
EMU 1820m PCI-Interface
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz, 16 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465

another one , switch off an insert in a chain of inserts on a channel and it stops all other inserts on that channel from working even thou they are still active

Maybe the poll should include Windows or OSX?

well its buging me alot with 7.02
in this particular project the HD meter shows 100% even on stop mode.(its only in this project)
anyway the MC losing bottom area comes often

only mixer 1 do this mixer 2+3 shows fine.

just to mention i installed C7 from the first release on top of C6.5 (the upgrade one)and not from the core installer which came later.
maybe thats the problem ? any steinberg representative to comment about installing from “core installer” VS installing upgrade from C6 to C7 ?

I’m having this issue (rarely), there seems to be some link to the actual project file itself. I have several projects that have all 3 mixers working fine and they’re stable, but I have 1 project where mixer 2 has lost the bottom, and it has stayed this way in each save.

and another one , ative the monitor button on any channel in the project page and then deactivate it and sometimes the corresponding channel in the mixer stays active , the project page and the mixer certainly are not linked properly

I’m seeing this too…

I’ve discovered a workaround for the missing bottom section of the mixer.

If you go to the settings options in the top left, untick options to display the channel list & control room, then tick to display them, it seems to force a re-draw of the mixer and it should now look good. At this point, save the project as a new version - then try to get out of the mixer settings screen - that caused a major fail on my computer - it would not remove the settings screen. I had to end Cubase in task manager and restart it. But - on loading the saved project, the mixer is fixed and the project is unharmed!

Indeed - I also had some weird mixer format problems loading older 5.5 projects.

But -until now- I always solved the problem by opening the meter/control room on the left. It then puts everything in place. Most times after resizing the only thing I have to do is adjust the height of the sliders/meters and in some cases hit ‘H’ once to make the scale to the left of the knobs visible.

I can then use the mixer without any problems. Most times I close the mixer and save the project (with a little name change like “project-C7” to keep the original save intact - just in case).

@Eukali - I never got a “hanging” Cubase after changing the mixer settings as described. Cubase just keeps on working normally without any glitch or something. I don’t know what is happening at your system, but it seems to me one of your plugins is causing troubles? Weird…

Anyway - I am not sure what to vote. Yes - I have seen some anomaly’s like described above, but it is simply solved (just 2-3 seconds of work for a whole project). So - while it would be nice if this formatting would be automatically, I am not sure this is big enough to be raised to the status of “Issue”.