Poll: how should Cubase save settings?

How should hardware related settings be saved?

  • generally for my machine
  • seperately for each project

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Hi there,

for a long time now I am wondering why some of the hardware related settings are saved globally and some are saved seperately with each project, and if this is what an average Cubase user possibly wants.
From my point of view, there is no sense in saving, say, display settings (such as workspaces and mixconsole views) with the project, because every computer has a specific display situation where these settings relate to.
The same goes for audio in/out settings: usually a DAW will have a certain audio hardware connected to it that doesn’t change when opening a different project.
As far as I am concerned, I can’t imagine a need for saving display/audio settings individually, but maybe I’m missing something.

That’s why I ask you :slight_smile:
I’d appreciate any comments or details about why you vote ‘separately’, if you do.

Regards, grecore

Have to abstain, Some of the hardware related settings should be saved globally and some saved seperately with each project.
My audio Hardware ins and outs can be drastically different from one project to another. Sometimes I use multiple mix busses, sometimes I need extra cue mixes. Sometimes I’ll want to do a 5.1 mix. Always with the same HW but setup completely different - so these need to be Project based.
Similar with many of the display settings and views, these can also, definitely be Project specific.


so I understand that saving the settings globally would interfere your workflow as saving project-wise is getting on my nerves. Seems to be a decision with two wrong options :wink:

But opposed to you I think it leads to confusion to have some of the settings saved globally and some locally.
I’d rather like a straight concept -
It doesn’t make sense to save audio in/out settings for channels in the project and on the other hand have the control room settings, that make use of the same ports, saved generally. They’ll tend to overwrite each other.

And certainly workspaces should include the appearance of the mixconsole. In workspaces we have a concept that combines both your and my needs, as they are saved with the project but can easily loaded to get a general setup. So the the mixconsole settings should be part of the workspace settings.

regards, greg