[POLL]How's Cubase 6.03 for you?

How’s Cubase 6.03 for you?

  • Fantastic!
  • A few issues that don’t really concern me.
  • Disappointed but I’ll get by.
  • Sadly, a step back for me.
  • Dreadful…going back to C5

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The one area I needed improving has left me scuppered in the middle of a project. The video handling was the main reason I upgraded to Cubase 6. As 6.02 was working fine, I’m happy to wait for yet another update but it is a shame. I know I’m on XP but everything has been beautiful up till now. Put up this poll to see how isolated my situation is.

Woah there, TrevorG. Are you saying you have tried 6.03 and have since gone back to 6.02? I am also runnning XP so I am interested in your remarks. I am not huge into video, so maybe my results will be different than yours? My thinking is that this is easliy going to be an improvement over 6.02. Well, I’m downloading it now so I will report on my findings later.

OK, I did install 6.03 and it seems there are some obvious changes here. Enough to consider that it is to be treated like a new version of Cubase. My audio levels are up overall for one thing. For example, on previous projects, I am clipping now where before I was fine. Too, I find the REV program presets need to be readjusted for volume one more time. Well, that’s my five minute assessment. I haven’t got into the improved warp features or the improved plugins, etc…

Step input Graphical Bug in Score editor is still not fixes. This is unbelievable! I just don’t get it.

I’m going to roll back as good video import is vital to me. When I import in .03 the video is a different length to the audio it came with!!! As I’m also using it for ADR, this update is useless to me. A great shame. :frowning:

Darn…! Sounds serious… More detail if you’d be so kind please TrevorG…

Same file(s) tried in 6.0.2/3…? format…? resolution/frame rate…? any other types/conversions tried…?


In search of the best resolution to work with I tried several formats. True, on 6.02, MOV. files did not come up on the main screen(though the thumbnails did show up). But all resolutions in Quick time format worked perfectly. Now, on 6.03, MOV. files do show up on the main video screen but the audio is slighly longer with all formats. There may be a way to correct this but it still leaves me unsure of what I’ll get when I remount the audio. 6.02 had none of these problems.
Haven’t had time to convert to AVI, so I don’t know what’s happening there.

Oh boy… that’s gonna be a pain. Thanks for posting the extra info TrevorG… :wink:

Have d/loaded 6.0.3 but will put to one side for now.

Can you be motivated to send a small sample file showing the prob, to SB to examine…?

[EDIT] Of course, Cubase video engine only supports .MOV (QuickTime) format files these days; I realise I didn’t make it clear that I do know this, and may have confused with the ‘types/conversions tried’ line - I should’ve wrote ‘other file types/conversions to *.MOV format tried’. I know *.avi no longer work.

Will try and sort out a snapshot at the weekend. SB say they don’t support XP but, so far, they have actually been very supportive! When I refer to MOV. I mean the HD format(I use 'em - I don’t know the names for all of 'em :wink: ) 6.02 couldn’t play them on the main screen and SB informed me this would be fixed in 6.03 - it was. They just added a different conversion rate for the video to the audio. The video file comes in at one length and the audio beneath finishes a little later on. So the beginning of the vid sounds in sinc but by the end there’s a complete mismatch…heartbreaking. Playing with converting either or both in the pool but nothing has worked so far and it’s not something you should need to do anyway.


and there’s that long-awaited N5.5 update due to land pretty soon I read; I wonder, this isn’t going to be in there too, is it…?

Audio-Advanced-Delete Overlaps= Still broken :open_mouth: :frowning: Buzzkill…

I think we need a useful 6.1!!!

Automation points are LOST = I went back to 6.0.2 :unamused:


Basic check and everything seems fine but…hang on exit and crash everytime.
And why every update has to erase my midi devices?

Cubase 64
Win 7 64 Ultimate

I can confirm this here in Cubase 6.03 64bit and Windows 7 64 bit. Changing the Frame Rate of the project does not fix the problem.

All my warped tracks are out of time…

audio glitch while enabling metronome:

Hm to quickly summarize this update seems to be a failure :frowning:

The Eucon dissapeared…

They said they gonna release a Eucon update today to resolve this…

No problems with it here, apart from a minor niggle of some preferences needing to be reset, but that’s no big deal.

So no complaints here.

Sonik, where did you hear that from?