POLL: Is C6 hanging on exit for you?

These processes are the most annoying part!
Sometimes have even to restart the whole system just to switch between the projects (!)

I had the video engine hang up problem and updating Quick Time solved the problem for me,

Same project tested between 5.53 and 6.05. The latter is very very slow to close no matter what way I do it - the X or file close / file quit.

It does eventually close though

6.05 (32 bit) win 7 64.

It might take 15 seconds or so to close after I hit QUIT. But it doesn’t hang where it requires task manager.
Windows 7 64/Cubase 6 64.

I wonder if Kontakt might be the culprit? I just installed Kontakt 5 Player on my dad’s Logic Pro setup, which previously worked flawlessly, but now when he quits Logic (with a project still open that uses K5), it hangs. Given, it’s completely different software, but I wonder if this might be a common issue across all DAWs?

I have 64 bit installed, but just for “future use” whatever that means.

I use 32 bit and it disappears after 3-4 seconds every time. It works!

Today C6 totally died after pressing “X”,
even when the whole battery of USB-connected gear was neutralized.
Except the dongle. Should I try to put it out also? :unamused:

QuickTime upgraded.
Sonar is installed also, but I don’t think it is a problem.
So, the ball is in Steinberg’s hands.

Hey guys…obviously nobody is expected to read the entire thread. There may be a few things that you have missed, however.

This is not a Kontakt issue, it’s not a plug-in issue, it’s not a File > Quit vs. X issue, it’s not a USB/FW issue, it’s not a video engine issue.

This is from p.6:

Jeff Hayat wrote:
Once again to be clear:

Project open, NOT running, close Cubase, Cubase hangs occasionaly
No project open, close Cubase, Cubase hangs occasionaly

Happens with plug-ins loaded
Happens with no plug-ins loaded

This has NOTHING to do with 32-bit plugs. If the occasional hang happens with NO plugs loaded, and the occasional hang happens with some 32-bit plugs loaded, and the occasional hang happens with ONLY 64-bit plugs loaded, this obviously has NOTHING to do with 32-bit plugs. Please, let’s get off the 32-bit plug area. Thank you.

Johnny B Richman wrote:
I observe exactly the same scenarios which Jeff just described thoroughly and I agree with his conclusions.

Bernard Focquet wrote:
Same here…


Arjan P wrote:
+1 - Exactly! Well put.

Luck, Arjan

And to add to that (this was not stated above) I do not run Cubase with the video engine, which is why I say that the vid eng can not be the culprit.


The hooks to hang the video engine code on is still there, and stuff depending on it. You can’t disregard it unless you’ve checked it. You’d be amazed …

I guess there may be a few issues, so here’s mine summarized:

Cubase 6.05 x64 hangs on EXIT 100% of the time, whether a project has been active, or not, with plugs, or not, either via File->Quit or Red ‘X’.

So for the POLL question “Is C6 hanging on exit for you?” the answer is… yes!


Define ‘hooks’


As I thought!



No. Wait, what?

For me too - regularly!
I have the same config (6.05 x64), no dependence discovered. But except the message, no other issues.

This is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR bug. I am completely fatigued of having to reboot the computer to get Cubase to exit. Is Steinberg listening?

I have had occasional hangs using C6 in 32 bit version, running on Windows 7 64 bit platform. The only consistent cause seems to be that the larger the file, the more this tends to happen. I typically close the program in 2 steps -first close the song, then the actual program. Hope this helps solve the issue.
Joey Daddario

Me too