POLL: Is C6 hanging on exit for you?

If this were a recent issue, it would be one thing. This has been going on across three versions, over three years. If it hasn’t beed fixed yet, it’s because SB haven’t yet hired anyone who knows how.

Ouch. That long? Not very confidence-inducing.

As for the proposed “solutions” of reinstalling USB/interface drivers, midi drivers, etc. These should NOT be a problem - esp. when there are no “inexpensive” devices or suspect drivers or 3rd party plugins on the system.

No other DAW on this system I’m using to demo C6.5 has a problem - PT9/10, Sequoia, etc all open and close (and run) without a single issue, and always have. Same audio/midi drivers, midi controllers, updated Syncro drivers, MS C++ installs, etc.

No matter, I’ll head back to PT and maybe give Digital Performer 8 a go when it’s released. After all these years of giving Steinberg the benefit of the doubt, nothing has changed. Feature additions continue to trump stability. Too bad really. They have some great ideas in there. But it’s their responsibility to take reports like this seriously without requiring users to find a the problem for them.

Changed to using ASIO4ALL now stable and no crashes for 24hours!

So my problem was MAudio Drivers fro FastTrack Pro

In my case, Cubase 6.5 hangs on exit whenever I start it up with the Midisport 8x8 active (switched on). With the drivers for this unit not being really up to date for Win7, and no chance of that happening, I take it as a fact of life. Most of my projects are without MIDI (more precisely, without external hardware synths), so I usually can do without the Midisport…

I think this thread also shows that the causes for Cubase hanging on exit are very diverse. I can understand Cubase waiting for a reply of some sort from a driver when exiting as was mentioned as a cause. But then I think a certain time-out in that process could be programmed in - with a dialog to the user mentioning the cause of the hang and the option to exit anyway. Could be something easier said than done - I don’t know…

Some random hangs here - the bigger the project, the more it happens. That’s the only pattern I could find so far.

as i said,cubase hangs on exit for me,even if i just start cubase,dont load a project,then exit. it hangs.


Check the other post you posted in.

There is no Cubase “full” 6.5.2

This needs to be in front of Steinberg until it is fixed.

It may not be a showstopper for most, but when working quickly, especially with multiple applications, this is very time-consuming. Here it requires a system reboot most every time Cubase hangs as the process can’t be killed in task manager.

Quite unprofessional that an application can’t even shut down correctly, and quickly. Even worse that this has been a problem for several years.

The last bug I reported to Avid with ProTools was fixed in 2 months, and it was a rather serious issue that only affected composers, yet Avid took it seriously and fixed it very quickly. That’s how a pro company operates. Are you listening Steinberg?

Changing compatibility mode to Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) stops cubase crashing on exit here.

i tried the vista compatibility mode and works for me too.
im not a tech head,so could someone tell me if there is any disadvantage using this?

Mac OS X Lion here, running the latest Cubase 6.0 in 64-bit. I think I’ve found the source of the problem. It’s the 32-bit bridge. If I close any VSTs that are 32-bit before quitting Cubase, it closes nice and neat (AND pretty quickly).

Maybe that solved it for you on OSX, but it isn’t the cause. As noted earlier I’ve had projects hang on exit with no plugins at all. Can’t possibly be the 32-bit bridge. I’m pretty sure all of my plugins are 64-bit anyway.

Also to note, enabling Vista SP2 compatibility mode significantly slows down save times. It was quick before. Now takes several seconds to save. I don’t consider that an improvement or workaround.

I work in 64 bit Windows 7, and have had reproducible instances of C6 hanging on exit, with blue screens on shut down or restart. Today I did a windows update that had a fix for Silverlight, and now everything works A-OK. I’ve closed C6 and restarted Windows several times without incident. Specifics on the windows update are as follows.

Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB2636927)

Installation date: ‎5/‎9/‎2012 7:24 AM

Installation status: Successful

Update type: Important

This security update to Silverlight includes fixes outlined in KBs 2681578 and 2636927 . This update is backward compatible with web applications built using previous versions of Silverlight.

More information:

Help and Support:

Glad that the Silverlight update worked for you, but I’m guessing it simply updated some more common library or path that Cubase couldn’t handle. Perhaps that will work here and for others as well.

I find it rather disturbing that to exit gracefully Cubase seems to require making any one of a list of unrelated and random OS or 3rd party application updates while tilting one’s head sideways on Tuesday the day after a full moon.

It really shouldn’t be this convoluted. This leaves Cubase falling quite short of pro-level reliability, even for just midi use in a ProTools facility.

Whoopsie. Got another one. C6 exit went to wait state, then after a few minutes I got a BS with a page fault in non-paged area. I’ll try taking this to the seven forums. Maybe Torrent G or someone else can help ID the drivers involved.

Does anyone know if Steinberg has undertaken any investigative help? I also run SONAR here. It and the rest of the installed apps are completely stable. To my knowledge, this wasn’t a problem before Cubase v6.5 .

I submitted a support ticket, but the rep hadn’t heard about this issue. I haven’t heard back since imploring the rep to push this issue with Steinberg development.

It’s been there for 3 versions as far as I know. I recall seeing it in Nuendo 4, and another user here says it’s been in 3 versions of Cubase now (since v4).

My educated guess is that Steinberg hasn’t looked into this bug and won’t until some “lucky” customer figures out a perfect reproducible scenario (which likely doesn’t exist), or figures out how to hack the code, fix it, and sends the fix to Steinberg development to recompile.

I’ve never seen a company so reluctant to address stability issues in all my years in this industry.

Gee, that’s funny. A rep here in the US told me some time ago that this issue was fixed w v6. I think we all know it isn’t, but the fact that the rep said it was, means that he was aware of it.

Where are you located, and which support team did you use?

US - tech support via the support request form. Was this a field rep or tech support?

I doubt tech support and field reps would necessarily have the same info. In my experience,
tech support is often almost as much in the dark as customers are.

I know a field rep I might contact though. No idea if it will do any good, but worth a shot.

Hmmm - what’s the difference between a field rep and tech support?

seems like anyone above first level support doesnt really give a crap in Steinberg.

I opened a ticket for another issue a while back, and while the first level support were responsive after the problem was escalated cause the issues was more to do with the code I didnt hear from anyone. after a while I asked for an update and first level got back to me, but suggesting just basic things to try which already didnt help before.