POLL: Is C6 hanging on exit for you?

If this problem has to do with the .dll file, then kindly explain to me why others - me included - still have a hang problem with videoengine.dll either renamed or deleted?

Also please explain to me why Cubase 4 hangs - when Cubase 4 doesn’t even have a videoengine.dll file?

Let’s be clear - if Cubase 5 hangs with videoengine.dll renamed, and if Cubase 4 hangs with videoengine.dll not associated witht he app, then the problem is NOT videoengine.dll.

Same problem here,it’s a PIA in front of clients here as I have to force quit and reopen Cubase if I’m moving between songs that have BFD in them.


I asked for support and this time I got a quick response from Alex at Yamaha Sydney. Alex was friendly, professional and had some suggestions. So if anyone from Steinberg Europe reads this thread, please email Alex and tell him that you are grateful and planning a bonus/pay rise for him. Seriously. You need people like Alex.

Alex described what Steinberg engineers have said (page 9 of this thread) and then asked the following:

Did it happen without plug-ins?
Did it happen with every audio interface?
Did it happen no matter where the default song was stored?
If I re-initialized Cubase prefs; did it happen and if not, how long did this “hang free state” last?

Last night over 2 hours I removed all plugins. No change. Then removed the Cubase6 settings folder. Problem gone. Put back the plug-ins in small groups (zzzzz) Still gone. Opened an old song. Still OK. Finally, opened a template I created in vs 6.02 and setup Audio connections and saved as a preset; imported MIDI setup. Closed and quit - the hang came back. The only VSTi’s I have in the template are GA3 and Halion 4. I don’t use BFD.

Looking at this logically, it seems to me that it’s not just one plug-in or audio device, since I only just moved from Presonus to TC. I think it’s in the way Cubase writes to an XML file.

The drag is - who has time for this? I did say to Alex that I feel a program of Steinberg’s credentials should be able to throw up a dialog for this. And that if Charlie Steinberg were still at Steinberg, the problem would be gone. That might be a tad harsh, but Alex took it on the chin and just kept on trying to help.

I’m posting this, because perhaps if a few of use try what I did (keep your old Cubase6 folder of course - you can put it back later) we might stumble upon the point at which the new XML files have something bad written into them.

How about a competition? If I find the problem, will I get an upgrade to Nuendo? One of my friends called me an idiot - he has a cracked version of Nuendo and it’s solid as a rock. :cry:

This problem was in Nuendo as well, though not as prevalent. When I used it I adopted a habit of closing each project, then using the “x” to close Nuendo rather than the menu “quit” and that seemed to avoid the “hang on exit” issue. Not so with Cubase though. I had to reboot my system 4 times today due to Cubase hanging on exit, and the task manager not being able to kill it.

At least I got a message back from tech support today saying they’ve contacted the developers. We’ll see if it makes any difference though.

Based on other issues I’ve seen, my confidence in Cubase’s stability is very low. I may just go back to ProTools for scoring, despite it using significantly more cpu power than Cubase. It’s 100x more stable though, and plugins are nicely organized automatically (hint to Steinberg - there’s more than one thread here that deserves attention).

+1000! How much work would it take to develop a plug-in manager? Way overdue, imho.

Well I am not sold now…

Had it hang again last night…

One time it worked fine and closed without a hitch…

Another time it hung…

What is the cause STeiny?


This is what was said on page 9 of this thread, and explains why so many different scenarios can have Cubase hang on exit. (and why the solution for one may mean nothing to the other)

What bothers me though, is the remark “When the responce doesn’t come, then Cubase will not end”. If this is the case - through the years even - why isn’t it possible that Cubase is programmed in such a way that, after a certain amount of time, it tells the user why it doesn’t end? And then gives the user the option to force quit?

Indeed, If it is actually the case that Cubase is waiting endlessly for a response from a plugin or plugins then you would think that either a report of the offending plugs could be made available or Cubase should force a close, or both.

Arjan and Split: seems so obvious, doesn’t it? That’s the big question. Why can’t the developers deliver what any end user would want: 1. Throw up an error dialog. 2. Quit.

if(quit == true && timeSinceQuit > timeOutVal ){

for me it ONLY happens when I have BFD in a project . I’m working 100% in x64 and have been working pretty solidly now for 3 months and the only time this ever arises is when BFD is in a project. I’ve taken to using superior drummer for most things now and when I do use BFD i quickly render as audio, however sometimes it’s not possible in the earlier stages so this is when this issue become a problem.

After track laying the last 2 days the singer came in to do vocals and I had to force quit cubase between songs, it doesn’t look good in front of clients having to do this.


exactly, or add some debugging mode where user see what’s going on on shutdown. just like when its loading you see what’s going on. when a user is forced to end task there’s no log file with any useful info to help pinpoint the problem.

but somehow other software manage to get around something like this.

and opening a ticket for something like this will be a nightmare, since first level support will want solid proof of what the problem is, going through endless troubleshooting doing basic things…

I’ve got a recent new install of C6.51 64 bit on Windows 7 and a very recent install of BFD2 64 bit. Apart from a jBridged Groove Agent3, I’m only using 64 bit software. I’ve been through brissyproducer’s four steps and I’ve not had any crashes or hangs with BFD2. I know this doesn’t help, but just wanted to register the fact that BFD2 isn’t causing any issues with my software/hardware setup, on either my desktop or my laptop.


just for the record:

You can configure cubase to not load anything on startup.
When launching cubase, not loading anything, and simply quit the app again, cubase crashes…

so, it can’t be a VST plugin issue, as there is no project loaded whatsoever, thus, no VST plugin instantiated, which could have been asked to close and never returns…

it must be something other. audio drivers or midi drivers… well, I own several DAWs and audio apps, none of them have a problem quitting.

Cubases device plugins (automap, steinbergs own SKI remote, anything)… well, even after deleting/uninstalling these device plugin dlls, cubase crashes on exit…

I hadn’t seen this until now - waiting forever for a response is just bad programming. The longest any application like this should wait would be around 1 second, if not 500ms or less.

And as the previous poster just stated, and as I have as well, a project with no plugins will also hang on exit - that points directly to a design flaw in Cubase’s exit procedure.

I’ve tried it with the Cubase “default” project with nothing in it and had it hang. It isn’t a plugin or 32-bit bridge issue. It’s just poor programming in Cubase itself that causes it to wait “forever” instead of closing the connection itself.

I have no such problem with ProTools on the same system, same controllers, same ASIO drivers. Wouldn’t it be ironic if it were an ASIO issue (Steinberg’s own protocol), and ProTools (and Sequoia, etc) worked better than Cubase in this regard?

It’s worth doing anyway. I’ve submitted one, and tech support has already responded that they’ve forwarded this issue to development. I was emphatic in explaining how this issue will never have a 100% repro, and if Steinberg only fixes issues that customers can find for them, with a perfect repro, then half of all the software bugs they encounter will never be fixed.

yeah, but remember…50% of users have zero issues. so something on your system is making it hang.

also I would guess that for Steinberg this is a non issue, since its 3rd party that makes it hang. why should they modify the exit procedure (in their view). as Chris Beuermann said…this has been going on for years and for years they just keep telling people things instead of modifying anything.

so in the end they might work your ticket and refer you to the 3rd party that’s causing the issues. though for people having problems its still worth trying I guess…

I’d just like to add that my system and cubase shuts down fine :slight_smile:


No. That is an incorrect assumption when every other vst/ASIO DAW on the same system exits gracefully every time and always has on other systems as well. Any decent software developer knows bugs in complex code are not always 100% repeatable.

One of the reasons Steinberg never fixes anything is responses like yours. If enough hobby users say it isn’t a problem the company figures they’ll make enough in upgrades and sales to users that never notice bugs they can ignore the pro users that do.