POLL: Is C6 hanging on exit for you?

Yeap confirmed I am getting the same issue with C6, never happened to me on 32bit though, but recently since I switched over to 64bit I have been getting this crash on exit issue,
At first I thought it was my native instruments plugins or some other third party plugins, so I removed all plugs then I worked on a new project with only C6 plugins and sure enough I was able to produce the same problem.
After the the project fails to close it freezes for a bit then tells me that the project may be corrupted and then it shuts down on its own,… sure enough I can re-open the project but when you hit play it says the VST bridge has been lost and immediately shuts C6 on its own…
not using the red X seems to help… A trick I tried was to turn off/de-activate all plugins from the VST list and then save the project with the plugins all switched off, then re-open the project and turn on all the plugs in the list again, this seemed to make a big difference for me and not using the red X button. This VST Bridge business seems to be running still when you shutdown Cubase it’s a bit buggy.

Any news on this issue on how to fix it? My system (PC, i7 3930K, 32gb, SSD) does this exit hanging as well. Difference to other posts here, my cubase.exe won’t shutdown from task manager either. As I kill the process tree nothing happens. And when shutting down the computer is another thing. I have to switch off computer manually (pressing power switch for 5secs) and on startup my ssd does this amazing 15 minute recovery process. Extremely frustrating.

Had this exact problem as well, Cubase would seldom exit properly, I could neither kill Cubase6.exe nor any of the VideoEngine…exe processes, the shutdown sequence of my computer never finished properly, AND, a very reproductible problem was that loading flash content in a web browser while Cubase was running made the browser freeze and the problem above appear. After a few half-assed attempts of un- and reinstalling and resetting different software and drivers, I finally did a clean install of Windows.
Problem solved (a year really goes fast and system and software testing had left a good deal of junk behind on my system drive), a positive surprise was the feeling that Microsoft has really started to do something right again. I only needed to install three (quite custom) drivers, Fireface, Cubase dongle and my M24 (control surface), everyting else is stock MS or automatically installed by Windows update, even drivers for my Korg K61 and everything is running smoother than ever.


Well I had 64bit for a while now, 8GB RAM and compatible VST(i)'s on Win7 64bit. Did not get stable here. So now the 32bit version on a Win7 32bit edition, super stable! No more problems!


In my case 64bit version never used to hang. Now it is hanging on exit every time I am using Halion 4 VST3 64bit.

I can see the problem might be unresponding plugins although it is certainly not limited to bridged ones as some have said but surely Cubase itself can monitor these plugins on shut down and if they do not respond for a period of time kill them and put up a user message saying which plugin failed.

Mine still hangs on every single exit. Even if I just start Cubase, open an empty project and close. Hang!

This is how I fixed the issue. It was 100% hung before.

  1. Go to Devices > Plug-in Information. Update and Update Plugin information pressing the buttons.
  2. Turn off all VST Plugins clicking the left most check box, including all the Steinberg plugins.
  3. Important: Go to the other tubs (program plugins, etc) on the top and Turn off all the Plugins clicking the left most check box as much as possible. Some plugins can’t be turn off, but it is OK.
  4. Fixed.
  5. Turn on VST 2.x plugin manager first, then Update and Update Plugin information pressing the buttons, again. Turn on plugins gradually until the Cubase start showing the same issue.

It took 10-15 min with SSD drive. Funny thing is I could turn on all the plugins without seeing the issue again. I suspect “VST 2.x plugin manager” has a glitch.

Yesss! same here! I now get crashes during start up on projects, I can just barely get the projects to open and when I do its usally about 4-5 times on the saved project before it opens and play’s without a crash, when its finally up and running seems to run ok… no probs. But this crash on exit and crash on startup it’s got to go.


Do you have by any means the jBridge software installed? Man! It was terrible on the 64bit C6. I had to redownload almost all my freeware VST(i) to correct all the crashes.

Good luck!

Hangs on exit whether I use the cross or the select quit from the menu.

Never loose any data or have any problems re-opening projects though… :confused:

Hey Steinberg: Cubase is pro software, right? Some of us are pro users. Are you ever planning to FIX THIS?

Crashes every time, even if I want to close the project only, not the whole application.
Tried all of the options above, except fresh install.
Hope also it will be fixed. Hallo, Steinberg! :confused:

With Process Explorer I can kill sometimes the tree, the VideoOutput staff are sub-processes there and it seems this is the problem for this hang on exit bug?
The problem is, if Cubase is not closing correctly the ASIO driver will not be released so it’s not usable without a complete restart of the system.
Btw. In the past there was also a known bug with M-Audio Hypercontrol component driver which had the same effect.

Steinberg should improve something with the “close-application chain” and put the releasing of the audio driver in front of all other stuff. If something goes wrong sometimes only the GUI will be destroyed but the process is still running in the background like a ghost process.

Btw. I had the same “hang on exit” with Steinberg’s bitbridge and also with jbridge so I would say (for me) it has nothing todo with this 64 to 32Bit stuff.

I’m not sure but is there a different behavior when using the exit command from the menu instead of using the close X-button from the window?

These processes are the most annoying part!
Sometimes have even to restart the whole system just to switch between the projects (!)

I had the video engine hang up problem and updating Quick Time solved the problem for me,

Same project tested between 5.53 and 6.05. The latter is very very slow to close no matter what way I do it - the X or file close / file quit.

It does eventually close though

6.05 (32 bit) win 7 64.

It might take 15 seconds or so to close after I hit QUIT. But it doesn’t hang where it requires task manager.
Windows 7 64/Cubase 6 64.

I wonder if Kontakt might be the culprit? I just installed Kontakt 5 Player on my dad’s Logic Pro setup, which previously worked flawlessly, but now when he quits Logic (with a project still open that uses K5), it hangs. Given, it’s completely different software, but I wonder if this might be a common issue across all DAWs?

I have 64 bit installed, but just for “future use” whatever that means.

I use 32 bit and it disappears after 3-4 seconds every time. It works!