Poll: Is the Lower Zone usable or a hinderance for editing

Is the Lower Zone Useful or a hinderence for editing

  • I love it
  • Still Trying to get used to it
  • I hate it and have disabled it

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I’ve tried to warm to the idea but for me I’ve disabled the lower zone. It eats up too much screen space and I find editing using it too fiddly.

I really don’t “Hate” it as mentioned in the survey but, I have disabled it for the same reason you stated.

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Loving it on my 2560x1600 monitor.

I’m jealous. It’s very cramped on my 2560x1080 monitor.

The poll needs another option. I find that for some tasks the Lower Zone is great, but for other tasks the full Window editor works better. So I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. Like when you’re cooking - sometimes the big knife is best while other times it’s the little one.


It took me a bit to get used to it…as with some of the other new features…but once I caught on I found it ingeniously helpful.
I’m working on a pair of 24inch monitors set to 1680x1050 and have set some handy shortcuts on my Mackie MCU…so it has really become a pretty cool thing, especially for a quick peek at the mix or a quick midi edit…


For MixConsole - good for Group’s and Buses
Sampler - Really good
Chord Pads - really good
Audio Editor - seems kind of weak for editing things… I find the purpose for this editor a bit confusing as to it’s purpose.

  • no snap or snap to hit-points
    the Draw button does nothing (probably should start applying volume edit right away?)
    probably should have some hitpoint slider + tools here for use of basic copy paste, trimming on hitpoint. example of usage that I could use here - double left-click an area selects the area between hit-points. Another click+drag lets you start moving that part.

Key Editor - not bad, looks good right away. Maybe a feature to help keep relevant notes always in view

Its generally the editor I’m getting at with this poll.

The sampler thing doesnt interest me. Its nothing I couldnt do with Kontakt. The duplicated mix console which doesnt sync to the other mix console also doesnt interest me. I already have the mixer up on a second screen and a remote surface in front of me

Yes, same here. Very usefull for quick edits across the project.

No C9 here - but I never liked the “lower zone” feature (SB obviously borrowed) in Logic Pro X.

It can’t be a hindrance because you can disable it.

Excellent point.

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: But why should I need to disable it. It should be configured exactly like I want it by default. :unamused:

I’ve disabled it for editors because I have an existing workflow with my 2 monitors… I can’t use the mixer because it doesn’t have the ControlRoom section… I haven’t had to use the sampler yet in a composition, nor the chord pads… I haven’t voted because you haven’t given me an option which says ‘I haven’t found a need for it yet’. Perhaps when I’m working on my laptop I’ll use it? So, it looks like it should be useful but I guess not in my workflow right now.


I really don’t understand all the moaning about the lower zone. Its primary use is for smaller laptops and to put it on parity with Logic and StudioOne, if you don’t like it turn the thing off!! Im digging it

Really really like it. My workflow now much faster. Always using it on my 34" UltraWide 3440x1440 display.

Loving it so far. Not so much for the mixer which I put on a second monitor altogether, but for sample editing and MIDI editing it’s great! Very much like Ableton Live, in fact I caught myself hitting shift+tab earlier today to switch views by mistake (which is the hotkey for that in Live).

Single monitor user here, laptop or 24" inch monitor. Having used other DAW with the so-called consolidated window, I really like the lower zone. I size it as needed, then only open it when needing to made an edit, or set mixer levels for several tracks. Otherwise, I use the arrange window, now Project Zone wide open.

When I need a full screen key, score editor, or mixer, then I use key commands for that.

There should be a ‘I have no strong feelings either way’ option.

I’m not using it, but I understand why some might… what with all the talk about a ‘single window interface’.

Love it. Does exactly what I want for fast workflow in one screen situations. Wouldn’t want to work without it ever again!

What do you exactly mean? Do you need additional settings of any kind for the Lower Zone or what?