POLL: More features to C6 or FIX / DEVELOP current ones?

Now I don’t know how to make that fancy poll system here, where you could just click for your choice, but let’s do it the old way;

SO what would you like Steinberg do MOST in the future;

A) Mostly develop new features in Cubase?
B) Fixing the bugs of the current ones / making the current features even better?

My answer - if I had to choose only either one - would be B. If I could scale the choices, I would say I’m 60% behind the choice B and 40% behind the choice A.

For first, I think that this otherwise EXCELLENT VariAudio feature should be developed. I actually wished that there would be enhancements on that one with the release of C6, but for what I read from this topic, it has pretty much just gone worse. Am I right? For me, personally, it works just fine, but there this ONE THING that I hate about it:

If you use Straighten Pitch on an audio note with VariAudio, it almost certainly does it so that the pitch change from the earlier Segment and/or the pitch change between the edited segment AND the segment after that is processed so that there emerges a JUMP change in the pitch. And that SUCKS to say the least!! Sounds like that one Cher’s song :laughing:

And don’t try to tell me that “you should separate the sequential segments so that there is ‘empty space’ between them”. Doesn’t solve the problem in ANY WAY; Because the empty ‘un-segmented’ area in the middle doesn’t get the pitch alteration data at all, then when you have for example changed the pitch of the two sequential segments up 5 semi-tones, the area between them will sound like an original audio at that exact ‘empty area’. Thus resulting as a “Cher effect” when playing back through those sequential segments.

OK, I got a little bit cross-tracked here respecting of the thread topic, but I’ll write this here (as an example, that how could Steinberg develop the existing features):

There should be FADE-IN and FADE-OUT handles on the Segments within VariAudio which would apply to Straighten Pitch processing. Those handles of course DO NOT mean the same fade-in/out handles as with the Project/Event window (meaning, NOT a volume handle), but that VariAudio would smooth pitch changes in and out in respect to those handles. And specificly meaning in respect to the Straighten Pitch applying (because without Straighten Pitch, the pitch changes work well).

So if you have a vocal audio event with just one note (like singing ‘AAAAAA’ - backing choirs) and you’d like to change the pitch in the middle of a segment so that you split the segment in two and change the other segment’s pitch up by 5 semi-tones - AND you also have some pretty strong Straighten Picth setting present - one could then use a FADE IN/OUT to the Straighten Pitch.

This might sound all petty, but I’ve been using VariAudio one hell of a lot. I mean for thousands of vocal events (I’m not that good of a singer) and I have come across this problem for so, so, SO many times! Straighten pitch is a NECESSITY and it’s an excellent feature, but I hate it straightening also the segments’ boundary areas so heavily.

I have had to use some pretty laborious work-arounds to prevent this “Cher-effect” when with the Straighten Pitch Fade in/out-handles I could just have selected all the segments with CTRL+A and then apply a maybe 50ms long fade in/out on them.

Think about it for a minute or two. I know by my experience of heavy using of VariAudio, that this really would make a whole lotta dirrerence to the better direction.

OK, this was just an example of making something better. Everyone knows, there are many other features also that need further enhancing. So what do you think about my initial question now?? Was pretty long one, ha? :laughing:

A) 0%
B) 100%


I knew that the first post could be like yours, but I understand you very well. I’d like to see good Group Editing possibilities thou but mostly C6 is as full of features that a producer can hope, and nothing would be left undone because the lack of something.

I’m sure that a song made properly with Cubase6 could be a world #1 hit, but those current features still need some tweaking. Still some really good new features would make working with Cubase a whole lot faster and conveniant. The workflow enhancement is the key thing, for what I think.

Like linking up some crucial settings (like, for example, the mixer settings - with Insets / EQ / Send - for the rhythm guitars) between similar projects. Like the different projects of the songs that are going to end up to the same album, etc.

Hope that Steinberg’s folks will read this topic :wink:

I think it’s possible to set up a votig system on this forum. Someone did it with the lane edit issue where you just click one button or the other. See if you can work it out. Will be tidier.



Actually, 5.5.2 has been superbly stable for me, but, stability and less bugs is always more important to me.


A = 5%
B = 95%

Improve the features that are there, and never take away something that was there - like colour coded channel strips, I think C6 has introduced more issues than what C5 had. It’s also about time the score editor worked properly!

My wishlist for Cubase is short. Make it sound better.

I can pretty well bend/manipulate audio/midi to unprecedented levels…still, I have to pad every channel to not pop the master’s headroom. Their studioEQ algorithm sounds nice–how about you make that the f’n channel EQ? Nice vintage emulations included. Nicer reverb. Reverence is decent…but, impulses have a certain sound…and if you want algorithmic’s sound, Cubase’s falls down next to a Lexicon…OR next to any 10+ year old hardware reverb.

I don’t mean for this to come off wrong…I’m not suggesting Cubase sounds any “worse” than other 32bit float software and their built in plug ins–but, that’s what I’d prefer they spend their development time improving, rather than all this manipulation and GUI changes. Want to add value to MY project workflow, and seperate yourself from the pack? Commit to making a musical SOUNDING app rather than pioneering new musical workflows. I don’t have a problem with doing THAT…just readjust priorities…make it sound good FIRST.

A) 0%
B) 100%

That being said I find Cubase to be stable and usable, my only concern is with the windows management behavior (made me want to pull my hair out a few times to say the least…).

A) 0%
B) 100%

A) 1%
B) 99%

50/50 because most of the existing features work anyway and when a new version arrives rarely does it break anything that already exists so unless you are talking about fixing new features as opposed to developing even newer ones I suspect this question is flawed.

A) 25%
B) 75%

A) 100 %
B) 200 %

A) 10%
B) 90%
Cubase has lots of good features. If they want to add one or two more… sure. But the vast majority of the time should be on fixing what ya got.

[edit- btw. The poll creation is the third of the three blue tabs at the bottom, after you hit New Topic]