POLL: MultiTrack FREEWARP - - vs - - MultiTrack FREEZE - if only one, which would you want

MultiTrack FreeWarp - - vs - - MultiTrack Freeze - - Which would you pick?

  • MultiTrack FREEWARP
  • MultiTrack FREEZE

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if you could only have one of these feature requests added, which would you pick?

For me personally, I think I would pick multi-track freeze for productivity/efficiency and being able to make a pot of coffee while it completes freeze rendering.

Multitrack FreeWarp I’m not too concerned with, as crossfade editing is still my preferred method of multi-track editing (no degradation of sound/artifacts which is typically apparent on drums which is pretty much the only thing I multi-track edit)


Apparently, multitrack warp has a capable workaround by converting tracks to multi-channel audio formats, and then deconverting them back to individual tracks.

Missing Multitrack Freeze is just annoying and lead to further clicks.

Missing Multitrack FreeWarp is a game blocker. It is nearly impossible to realize this inside this DAW. You HAVE to switch to another DAW to get the result.

How is it you would be using multitrack free warp?

A typical scenario that makes you switch the DAW specially for realizing this function:

  • Recording instruments with more than 2 microphones (grand piano, etc.) to get near and far sound or high and low spectrum.
  • Recording an electric stereo guitar (stereo comes from effects) with clean, and fx.
  • Recording acoustic guitar that is recorded from 2 or more Microphones (or an effect expanded stereo) and a piezo.
  • For drums for the majority of scenarios a multitrack quantization (that is possible!) is usable but sometimes you have to make just a few subtle correction that is better done with warping.

In the year 2020 a DAW should definitely master this scenarios. (Which relevant DAW does NOT have this function?!)

Definitely multi-track free warp for me. I really don’t have a need for multi-track freeze in my workflow.

Not sure why we would need to choose. The two aren’t related and both are WAY late to the game in coming. But if I had to choose…Multitrack Freeze. Hands down.

I think there is a way to hack this using musical mode and tempo automation.

my workaround for this is to “convert mono tracks to stereo” function.(or other multi track as needed) use the warp tool, when done do to opposite “convert multi track to mono tracks” it’s not idle,but does not force me to export to other DAW and import back.

my workaround for this is to “convert mono channels to stereo” function.(or other multi channel as needed) use the warp tool, when done bounce the edited audio clip(so no warp markers are present.only a clean multi channel audio clip) and do the opposite “convert multi channel to mono tracks”
it’s not idle,but does not force me to export to other DAW and import back.

what is the highest channel format now?

i didnt try more than 6,
but there are the ambisonic formats,if it works the"third ambisonic" is 16 channels if im not wrong

If that’s the case, I can’t really see myself needing more than 16 tracks to freewarp… so this reaffirms my choice of MultiTrack FREEZE being more needed.

Multi-Track Free Warp for sure… this would be so helpful for drum editing… so many other DAW’s have this… This should be the number 1 priority… especially for recording engineers that record full bands.

Yes I tried this procedure a few times. And then you did oversee some issues and you have to start this complicated procedure again.
After 1-2 doing this repeatedly I switched to another DAW…It was time consuming and complicated.

Multitrack freewarp! have been waiting for this for several years now. Although I cannot see why Multitrack Freeze would not be a simple thing for Steinberg to setup and would also be be a very welcome addition. The whole choice between the two is kind of stupid but the Poll results are helpfully showing what users want. Misplaced developer resources is the main problem from my perspective.