Poll: On which device do you use Cubase iC Pro mainly?

On which device do you use Cubase iC Pro mainly?

  • iPhone/iPod touch
  • iPad

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To get to know you better we would like to ask you the following question:
On which device do you use Cubase iC Pro mainly?

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Wow, this door swings both ways and it tells me either there are only 39 people out there using this remarkable app or that there are only 39 people who bother to respond to a poll. Either way, I am feeling like there are too many people missing the benefits of this app. To me it was easily worth $17. :exclamation:

Sadly none as it will not work.
I notice there is a setup movie now. I’ll take a look at that to see what it is I’ve missed out. I don’t think I have missed out anything but we’ll see.

Just followed the video instructions and it still doesn’t work.
Bug fix please.

I must agree. I think the app is terrific. Being a single musician, I can get behind any of my instruments and remotely start the process. I guess my iPhone gets the most iC pro usage but Cubasis on my iPad is the best way to go. For me it is just easier to see being larger. Love them both

As for not working…I am the king of not having stuff work properly…both apps started perfectly from seconds after the download. It took me several weeks to get my MOTU 896 HD running . Then another 3 months to get my first recording…that was 2.0 SL. Years ago. There are just so many variables in computers and networks. I used to think it was always THEM…I realize nowadays. It’s me

Same here. Works in OS X but not in Windows 8.

The plan was to use it when tracking a duo with a piano and a singer but as it does not work I have not been able to use it (and I have lost recording time and mood when trying to get it to work). I have tried all tricks found but it just do not connect (it does rarely when fiddling with things but is then very unstable)!

A tip for Windows users looking at this product. Test the free version first.
If that does not work, the paid version will not either (learned this lesson a bit late…)!

Working OK for me on my iPad… Worth the £12…

Works great for me on Ipad 2, Cubase 7.04, Windows 7 64bit. I would like to see folder tracks reflected on ic pro though.

Works fine on iPad4 here, but would love to see better implementation of existing features and addition of new ones.

I would love to have a single channel strip like the CC121, come on guys!

Dear Steinberg friends,

the new Logic Remote for iPad looks dang good. I hope it will inspire you!

Your loyal friend,


Working really well on my ipad 4.
Haven’t really tried it on my ipod touch.
The ipad with it’s extra screen size is always preferable.

None, as of yet. Looking forward to the Android version to use on my Toshiba Thrive AT 100, though!

I WOULD use it on Android and/or Win RT.

With the decline of the iWhatever platform, even Steinberg will have to jump ship.

It is time, if you ask me, for ASIO and VST on Android anyway, so lets hope for the best.

Having said that, I would LOVE to get my hands on the SKI SDK. First thing I’d do is to create .NET bindings, in the most beautiful, clean code development based (Uncle Bob is my hero) fluent / DI - style.

“Not a single singleton was used in creating this software.”

:open_mouth: :confused:

What decline?


Works awesome on iPad Air.

Been waiting to use this on my iPad again but for gods sake fix the direct monitoring crashing issue that’s been stopping me use this for the last 6 months!!!

This is really unacceptable especially as it mainly affects people using Steinberg hardware!


1: mmm… i was thinking of buying an ipad mainly to use it as Cubase controller with cubase IC Pro… i also use Steiny hardware and using Direct monitoring… i wonder if its a known global problem or only with your system NB !!

2:for the OP if i knew steinberg are going to relese IC pro and cubasis for w8 tablets i think ill go w8 tablets…

Its been known for 6 months and has been acknowledged by Steinberg.