Poll: Option to position dialogue windows on primary display

Would u like this prefs option : Position all dialogue boxes on primary monitor ? YES / NO

  • Yes I would it would speed up my workflow!
  • No I prefer the current system of positioning dialogue boxes on the screen which has the currently active window on it.
  • I would prefer a different method of choosing their position.

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Had a discussion about this here :


On multi monitor set ups I find the way Cubase positions dialogue boxes to be frustrating sometimes. It positions them on the monitor with the last active window on it. Could there be an option in preferences to force them to the primary display?

Thought it might be interesting to have a poll on it. What do you think?

…just a obvious remark… my suspicion is that this is a MAC issue linked to Expose’ and Spaces management…?

Not sure, I used to have this on my Windows system too.
I don’t use Expose or Spaces, but perhaps it could be related to that.
so far ive found that if I set focus to a window on the center monitor all dialogue boxes will appear there

would be great if people who vote for the 3rd option post the other method they would prefer … :wink:

I’d be happy if my dialogues just appeared on a display instead of mostly off screen…Maybe a lock to primary display would also fix this so I vote yay.

EDIT: Update…latest beta Nvidia driver has fixed my dialogues opening off screen issue.

Ok I voted option 3.

Dual screen, arrange on left, mixer and everything else on the right.
Would save time if mixer related stuff (90% of window opening for me) opened on the mixer side, all editing windows opened on the arrange window screen.

Wouldn’t be hard methinks, sure would stop the constant mouse, window chase…