"POLL" Pay for 7.5 on the way for christmas

How much do you think the 7.5 update will cost

  • FREE
  • €25
  • €50
  • €100
  • €150
  • €200

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Don’t worry people it’s nearly Christmas which means we will get that pay for 7.5 update but lets start a poll to see how much you think it’s going to cost ( should be free really but you know Steinberg )

Aloha G,
I am hoping for a Lite version of the new G-Agent (drums) to be included with C7.5

And then for C8.0, new V-Guitar and V-Bass plugs and movable mixer rails.

Should the question not be “How much would you be willing to pay for a Cubase 7.5 update, if anything?”

I heard it will come with a UR824 so I am easily willing to pay $200.

There is a FREE option for those who are not willing to pay anything.

As per history, we see the .5 version of 6 contained only features as any bug fixes were included in the .06 version.

We are feeding the beast here.

True dat!.

it doesn’t make a blind difference what we say ,Steinberg have a price in their minds and that is what it will be , neither you or I voteing on what we think it will be will change that fact .


Why should it cost anything?
Its still the same version, version 7. :unamused:

If they make a new version Cubase 8, then it should cost something to upgrade.

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So, if they change the color of the box, call it Cubase 8, and charge $150, you will pay for it?

i’d donate a sizable sum if they scrapped the mixer and pretend it never existed.

It’ll more than I want lol £120 I reckon…could go up to £159 but to be quite honest i’m kinda stumped as to what they could possibly add.
If they add VST’s then…no thanks thats not really what most people want, well not me anyway.

Hoever if it had a swanky new modern look that alone would be worth the upgrade.

Sure. :laughing: :mrgreen:
A present too me under Christmas tree…

Best Regards

Well, if I have to pay, I want something tangible and useful for my money and not just bug fixes and general optimization. For example, frozen track management is an area where Cubase is SERIOUSLY lagging behind other DAW’s like Sonar and Studio One. I’d be willing to fork out a Franklin just for that.

Do you mean the C6 mixer?
(as per your sig).

Steinberg does what they want. We pay, or we don’t, depending on the value we hope to get from update.
I’d pay 50eur for a good update, with important improvements and new features. But will not pay anything for just new colors in mixer or something trivial like that.
If they put in a new sampler, like a good built-in version of Halion, say Halion SE, with 7.5, I’ll surely go for it even for 100eur.
Depends on the goodies that will come with new update. There is plenty going on with other DAWs, mostly in area of workflow, lots of very good solutions. If Steinberg implements at least some improvements that other DAWS already have, it will be a good value for a paid update.

I’d pay if they had something like VCA mixing, I could care less about new synths

i would like to see (except of bugs and GUI improvements) serious workflow enhancements and features…

Fwiw, I’m not the free beer type, and I would not hesitate to pay for a 7.5 with really useful new features (plugin manager, multitrack wave edit/free warp, multi-out track presets etc - not merely for content, another plugin or eye candy though).
6.5 was a fair deal, with the discount towards the 7 update.
But, and it’s a big but :wink: :
Prior to 7.5 we need a free 7.1 or whatever that really fixes all the major workflow bugs and issues (KC focus, workspace/mixer integration, mixer zoom bugs for me, there are many other legit complaints), finally making it what 7.0 should have been right away, i.e. 6.5 plus the stuff in the “what’s new in 7”, in a reasonably bug free release.
Not 6.5 plus the stuff in the “what’s new in 7” plus “a surprise package of undocumented losses” complete with bug city down to font sizes …
Steinberg, please, get your stuff right this time with 7.1, fix what users desperately need to see fixed and you can count me in for a paid 7.5 a week later or a year later, doesn’t matter.
just my 5 ct,

Oh, and as a bonus for all the waiting - can we get back visible muted notes in the drum editor, please ? :confused: