POLL prosliver v subsilver 2

which one are you using

  • prosilver (old style )
  • subsilver2 ( new style )

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im just intrigued , ive tried to get on with the new style forum but I always revert back to the old style , more pleasing on the eye:
So what version of forum are you using ?

Long John Silver! It’s Arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me hearties!!

Yes. The “new” style looks “old” to me. I like the Prosilver.

I tried the new skin for a short while, but I prefer the old style. Much more compact so more posts fit on my screen :slight_smile:.

I actually like the subsilver a bit better.
Although it looks a little older and like many forum layouts, the colors work better for me.
I prefer the dark blue liners with the grey and blue alternating posts, as opposed to just the grey & red only.

Prosilver, no doubt! It’s cleaner. Subsilver feels like a waste of space and on 1920x1080 it’s just spread over the entire screen for no reason. I like to have all I really need to read in one column, the first and left one, and then the silly tinsel in the right column.