[POLL] "Render as Loop" in Cubase?

Do you need “Render as Loop” feature?

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Dear SB developers,

Cubase Export Audio Mixdown could be improved with the “Render as Loop” function in the Export Audio Mixdown window:

Both Live 8 and Logic 9 has this very useful feature.

In Live 8 it is called “Render as Loop”: “If this is activated, Live will create a sample that can be used as a loop. For example, suppose your Live Set uses a delay effect. If Render as Loop is on, Live will go through the rendering process twice: The firrst pass will not actually write samples to disk, but add the specified delay effect. As the second pass starts writing audio to disk, it will include the delay tail resulting from the first pass.”

In Logic 9 its name: "Bounce 2nd Cycle Pass"checkbox: The bounce process takes two repetitions of the cycle range into account, with the creation of the bounce file starting at the second repetition. This is useful if you want effect tails (from the first cycle pass) to be added to the start of the bounce file.

What do you think, do Cubase users need this feature?

Yes good one, I could use that as well :slight_smile:

Yes, I would really love this feature.