Poll: Those 4 bands of EQ in the channel strip.. Necessary?

Is the visibility of the 4 bands of EQ necessary in the channel strip?

  • No way, its too much…- the little EQ gfx window and an edit button for the main eq window would be enough…
  • Yes, i use the “text” form of the EQ in the strip to make adjustments too often for it to go…

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So, do you like those 4x3 blocks of EQ in the strip?

Ok aside from the niggling bugs that should be addressed in next weeks update, I’m enjoying my C7 experience immensely.

Of the few things I don’t like, the EQ implementation has to be the winner for ‘so nearly but no quite awesome’ award.

The actual EQ window is genius, the spectral display, outstanding.
Click n drag EQ points, brilliant.
Hold shift to adjust Q factor, sweet.
Hmm… I like to high and or low pass to keep the nasties out o my mixes.

All the time.

No joy in the manual for a key modifier, right click? Nope.
Really? Check manual again. Hmm.
How about that useless EQ rack that has no curve nor numerical display. Not even any way to type in numerical values, it’s too small to be precise in any way, maybe it’s silver lining is you can change the band types.
Oops, nope.

To change the EQ band type (from say shelf to bell or high pass) you have to go to the channel edit window and do it there.
Of course any cool workflow be benefits disappear in a haze of, “ohh yeah, I have to do it just like in C6 again, that’s annoying”. Doubly so because I get used to tweaking the EQs In the curve display then remembering that to change the band select…

SOOO close to perfect.

Posted elsewhere but the entire strip looks like an afterthought.

While we can see the value in having some ‘producer’ presets introducing ‘tape saturation’ and the like, the actual implementation is too fiddly and hard to customise. The insert effects should be able to open in a new window just like the main mixer eq. Separate window would allow a producer to customise strip settings as save as convenient presets, using the funny little knobs for tweaking the mix.

So yes, not only the EQ but also the gate, saturation, compressor, and limiter should open in a aeparate window.

The EQ"Rack " has but one function - to set where in the sequence of rack effects you want the EQ to come - you can move it up and down in the order of effects - that is it’s only purpose in the rack.

I have noticed that the build in EQ now is the same as studio EQ plugin. I guess someone things it sounds better or something but uses more cpu.

Ever since I started buying the Universal Audio stuff, I haven’t used the EQ in Cubase for years (10 years maybe?). I’m always using the SSL Channel Strip and (now) the Neve 1081 or 31102 plugin.


Aloha h, and +1

Not specifically those plugs but there
is currently some really nice 3rd party stuff to be had.

Lots ‘o different flavors to be tasted.

Why use the EQ for LP/HP when you can easily use the “PRE” high-cut and low-cut filters? Using these would save you the hassle of setting curves and whatnot.

Why use the EQ for LP/HP when you can easily use the “PRE” high-cut and low-cut filters? Using these would save you the hassle of setting curves and whatnot.[/quote]

Yes but the whole point was to do it without opening another another window.

Having access to the HP/LP on the curve display too would be even better. Thanks, I forgot about that point in my initial self-righteous rant.

Cheers :slight_smile:


My perfect scenario ( just for the EQ blocks ) would be:

The little gfx window to show what eq is on channel.
Double click the eq window brings you to main EQ window (e)

Thats all :wink: