[POLL] Virgin Territories - Do you use it?

Do you use Virgin Territories

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  • WTF is that?!

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Just out of curiosity…

You can of course explain your answer, if you want to.

No. Have not yet found a way to make this work without producing chaos at some point. I’m fine with continuous automation lanes/lines :laughing:

Whatever it is I don’t need it to record a song… :slight_smile:
I’m sure the more cleverererer amongst us will find a way to use it but not me that’s for sure… :blush: :blush: :laughing: :laughing:

I was reading up on this function yesterday and trying it out a bit but I couldn’t really see the difference or benefit other than to clean up the view a bit. Could someone who uses it explain what the actual benefits are and why/how you use it?

ya…a good explanation would be quite beneficial.

I think Steinberg should update the automation functions like studio one 3. :wink:

nice move from steinberg to give us to try virgins !!.. its been a long time :laughing:

but seriously, i didnt use it yet… dont know on what scenarios it help or needed

I’m not seeing the value in this new feature?

So it means that whilst I have an area of the track with no automation data, I’m free to move my parameter and experiment with mix settings… ok… maybe that’s slightly helpful (although I can just disable Read if I want to do that)… but then the minute I stop and restart the track, or it cycles round between the locators, it resets to the last automated parameter anyway. What is the point of this feature please?


There needs to be a way to turn off “Chase Automation Points”

Then it would make more sense.


Yes, but even then, I’m still wondering what this enables me to do that I can’t already do by disengaging the Read button?

I guess one thing (and I haven’t tried this yet) would be that I can copy parts to other areas of the time line and the parts were within a ‘virign territory’ area, then they would not have automation data copied with them. I can see this being of some benefit in certain situations.

It would be nice if some of the people voting ‘Yes’ could explain the reasons why they’re using this feature.

It would allow you to - as I explained in another lengthy post I just made - freely mess around with the mix outside of areas that have automation written. If you turn “Read” OFF and then mess about - as soon as you activate “Write” to record what you’ve done Cubase will chase the previous point - undoing your adjustments, even though there’s no automation at that point. Turns off chase? No such problem.

Yes, very good point.

I am upgrading to pro 8 primarily for this function. Th reason is I have an hour and half musical that I need to edit. With this function, I can edit each of the 20 songs in any order, without having to worry about accidentally messing up another section. I like the fact that I can jump in, anywhere without having to worry about previous edit points. Great function for mastering musicals.

I think you will be disappointed because whenever you jump from an edited (automated) part to a not automated part of the project, the mixer state and therefor the sound of that section will be different every time depending on the state of the mix from where you left. So it will screw with everything outside of the written automation every time. So whenever you put down automation for one parameter in a project you will have to write automation for that parameter for the whole length of the project sooner or later anyway… It does not remember unautomated states and will not jump back to any values inside the virgin territories… is what I’m trying to say. Or am I wrong about this?

From my experiments, that’s not quite the case (although I agree, yes he will be disappointed). It seems that when you jump around the project, parameters will move to whatever is the most recent automation event in the time line. This is not any different to having normal automation. The only difference seems to be that whilst the track is playing in a ‘virgin territory’ area, you are free to change parameters as you wish. BUT the minute you stop and press play again (or the minute you cycle round the locators) your parameters jump to the last automated position. Therefore, I’m struggling to see how this feature is useful but maybe I’m missing something.

You could check my posts in this thread for a suggestion to use ‘Suspend Read’ to achieve what Virgin Territories is possibly designed for (but as far as I can tell is not working as it should):