Poll: What are Nuendo's coolest features?

Hello experts!

What are the best or coolest things that Nuendo 7 allows you to do?

Or putting it another way,

What Nuendo features or tricks do you use to save time, trouble, or make your clients happy?

OR, putting it another way,

How have you solved tricky situations with Nuendo? What features did you use to make it happen?

Thank you!

For my game work I absolutely became dependent on the batch export using naming conventions. And using markers and names for multi-file export. This is the most single useful feature in Nuendo I haven’t seen anywhere else.

I love the “Info Line” with the numerical possibilities and the MediaBay for quick access to my sound library and its ability to read BWAV metadata. It saves me lots of time opening an external program to look for sounds.

Search functionality for plugins.
Control Room.

Also interesting would be, what are the 3 most hated things in Nuendo :wink:

The search functionality when loading plugins. This has saved me so much time I can’t even begin to estimate it. Whenever I have to use an older version that doesn’t have that feature I begin to hate life very fast. Maybe other daws have something similar, I don’t know. If you don’t currently use this feature it is time to learn how.

Definitely the loudness metering and loudness track.

And the most hated? Can’t think of much, but probably the missing undo in the mixer.

Batch export for the many TV/radio spots I do.

The ADR feature is great and allows me to not look like a hick when I work with the Hollywood studios remotely.

Hard to say at this point. A lot of previously unique features are now found in PT, and some of them are better implemented. But anyway;

  • batch export
  • media bay (don’t have to pay for SoundMiner)
  • control room (use it all the time)
  • customizeable key commands and macros
  • very useful bread-and-butter plugins

very cool features that I’m currently not using;

  • ADR functionality
  • re-conform solution
  • networking
  • render in place
  • game audio asset management

For me:
The built-in melodyne style of tuning pitch and time.
Render function is also a time saver.

Built-in Vocalign; something that works faster. Something that will analyze multiple tracks in one pass and align to one guide.

Cycle marker export is one of my favorites.

Vari-audio (like melodyne) is amazing. Because it is much easier and sounds as good, I don’t use melodyne anymore.


and give us a Dolby surround encoder/decoder, like the one you sacked, even though a lot of owners,
who have payed roughly 1000 Euros for it, where prepaired to put money ontop to keep it supported…

Big K ( still not buying any SB-Productes, expt. Nuendo & WL, since then … )

OK, what about very cool features that don’t actually work as they should :wink: :

Track Name colours in the Project window.


The number one cool feature for me is the ability to write my own key commands and macros. This makes Nuendo very ergonomic as I get to work the way I choose to work and not the way some engineer decided I should work.

ADR functionality
The very useful built in EQ’s and compressors
Loudness metering