[POLL] What do you use Cubase for?

What do you use Cubase for?

  • 1 - Dance
  • 2 - House
  • 3 - Pop
  • 4 - Dubstep
  • 5 - Trance
  • 6 - Progressive House
  • 7 - Rock
  • 8 - Recording
  • 9 - Editing/Mixing
  • 10 - Other… (please answer in the topic what it is you use Cubase for)

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What music styles do you guys make with Cubase? Or do you use Cubase solely for recording?

Lots of stuff, but currently trying Drum & Bass.

House, Dubstep, Trance & Progressive house all get an individual mention (as well as Dance) while the only option for guitar based music is Rock?

I think your poll & perhaps your outlook is somewhat limited :wink:

Your right, but you only get 10 choices. And I did add a ‘Other’ option too you know :wink:

I’d say

1. House
2. Breaks/Dubstep
3. Other dancemusic
4. Rock
5. Metal
6. Jazz
7. Classical/Orchestral
8. Ambient/Sound design
9. Other

would be more representative :wink:

That’s a nice list indeed. Maybe for the next poll! (if I change it now, all the votes are lost I think…)

I do program Reggae, Ska, Big Beat. But mostly I use it for editing/mixing very often it is a video file where I like to add sound effect and soundtracs, and mixing the original video sound.

I like your ideas. Jazz, America’s Classical Music; Orchestration, Video-Commercial- Movie soundtracks. I was sort of taken aback by the 1st list…don’t forget Country and Bluegrass (the south’s Jazz)

Where does apocalyptic-post-punk-death-polka fit in? Damn narrow-minded polls! :astonished:

I’ve read posts from some folks around here that apparently use it as a suppository. :wink:

I’m beginning to think Steinberg should include this in their promo. :wink:

I tried using it to post tunes online that might get me laid, but so far I’ve only attracted a
handful of virtual stalkers.

It worked for me once, but I had to sing a song in Chinese…and the person in question was my wife. Does that count? :laughing:

I’ve only used Cubase to register and log into this forum.


I try to use Cubase to make music… :wink: .

Mauri :stuck_out_tongue: .

You try to use cubase or you try to make music? Or both? :stuck_out_tongue:

Both :stuck_out_tongue:, 'cause “life was’nt meant to be easy”, said one of our previous Prime Ministers, he was then promptly voted out of office… :smiley: .


I don’t use Cubase For, I use Cubase 6.


Good one!

Trance/Club music is my main use for Cubase, I also trying to make Vocal Trance stuff that’s were vari audio comes into handy. Also some voice ID’s for my radio-net shows :smiley:

I selected ‘Other’, because I’ve tried to make Folk-Ambient music. (Or was it Ambient-Folk? Dunno.) :confused: