[POLL] What do you use Cubase for?

I agree! I do progressive rock and alternative/new wave music.

What do you use Cubase for?

THIS :mrgreen:

Progressive rock
Progressive metal
World music

What do you use Cubase for?

just about anything that can be recorded…

Like farts, burps, and gluk-gluk’s? :wink:


Yup, been there done that :laughing:

Maybe not the gluk-gluck’s though :mrgreen:

Me too.

What do you like to eat?

Cumin powder
Chilli fruits
Chilli powder
Chilli paste
Fried eggs
Cinnamon bun
Plate, knife and fork
Plate, chopsticks

my “other” is jazz, soul, funk and sometimes classic…

Currently it’s levelling a stack of boxes in the loft, to stop them falling over.

And the dongle is down here on the floor somewhere hanging out of a USB hub that’s not connected to anything, since the PSU in my Windows box expired spectacularly.

Does anyone know if this copy of LE4 I got free with a Zoom B2.1u FX pedal will load SX2 projects?

I purchased Cubase 6 because I really enjoy writing music in my old age of 72. It has turned out to be
one royal pain in the a$$ in some ways. There are more steps to doing things that only took one step
before. There are problems with their Halion Sonic SE “errors” though. I would not, had I known what I
know now, buy it again. I was perfectly happy before on my SL. I just had to catch up with the times.
For heavens sake WHY ?

The wold is run by capability junkies! 72 years young, rock on I say!

I’m on a similar route, I guess. I know I can improvise a reasonable result if I try a few times. That won’t take me to the next level. I need to do something else to move forward. Compose, rehearse and record. If the map and the terrain differ, the map is the truth for a while …

Testing days seems to be over :sunglasses:

primarily “progressive rock.”
rock, metal, soundtrack-y stuff, etc.
No pre-played material, but once in awhile I will grab (properly licensed) foley/materials (as prog rock seems to invite :wink: )