POLL - when would you upgrade ?

Under what circumstances would you buy an upgrade ?

  • I’m a cubase fan and i like to be on the cutting edge. I upgrade systematically whenever a new release comes out.
  • I’ll upgrade if the new release provides features that look interesting to me, even if steinberg haven’t fixed bugs from previous releases.
  • I’d upgrade if the new release fixes existing bugs/deficiencies, but otherwise would continue to use my current version of cubase even if a new release adds attractive new features.
  • I won’t upgrade my current version of cubase, simply because what I have already does everything I need it to do.
  • I would upgrade to a new version under certain other circumstances that aren’t listed here [please specify].
  • I’ve dropped cubase and have moved on to a different daw.

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i’ve been reading through the various forum entries and i noticed that many of them express disappointment over promised features that are missing [most recently the video engine] or bugs that have supposedly remained unresolved for a long time. some posts mention this user or that user abandoning cubase for another daw, others swear not to upgrade until this issue or that issue is resolved. OTOH, there are also posts that say they like features, i.e., ‘more is better’. so, out of curiosity, i created this poll. what is your opinion ?