Poll: Would you buy a new version of Cubase that only focused on functionality with no new features?

Would you be willing to pay for a new version of Cubase that strictly focused on functionality improvements, bug fixes, workflow enhancements (lessen the amount of clicks required to do tasks, scroller issues, etc) to make it as stable as possible and fun to use, if it meant that there would be no new features?

  • Yes
  • No

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These are new features


Yes yes yes and yes.

Stability and bug fixes…no, a professional piece of software at the price of Cubase SHOULD be stable and working. Sure, it’s a complex piece of software but it’s also mature. I expect stability.


Stability is not a problem for me but I’d like everything that’s already there fine-tuned and improved. Add a few new bits and pieces but making Cubase even better than it is, is the one for me.
Whoopee a new synth. If you can’t get a decent sound out of the synths we already have then you need to move on. McDonald are hiring.

The best for me is to have a year just with workflow updates and bugfixes and other year full of features and new plugins

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Maybe we should lay some grounds for what ‘improving what’s already there without adding new features’ would consist of?

For example, is Multi-Track Freeze an enhancement or a new feature? Because Freeze already exists.

Apparently we’re getting that one.

So what about say, External FX improvements?

When I proposed no “new features,” I was referring to no additions that aren’t already there, such as adding a new plugin, or adding a new function like a new midi ability that didn’t exist before. Rather, to improve on existing functions. Improvement of existing functions makes those old functions better, but does not (for the sake of this poll) warrant a new feature per se. So if something is done better, it’s not classified as a new function - it’s just a better way of doing the old thing. A workflow enhancement is still doing the same work as before - it’s just doing it better. There would be no additional workflow windows that add capabilities that didn’t exist before.
For example, if a new UI update made the lower mixer more visible with inserts and sends and faders without having to click around to show each section, it’s still a mixer that has the same functions. It’s just a better way of looking at the mixer which improves visibility and workflow, hence, an enhancement. So again, the change of an existing ability is an enhancement and not a new feature, because you aren’t adding something new - you are simply improving the old way of doing the same thing.

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I think that’s getting into semantics. An updated UI is not necessarily a ‘new feature’ per se in the sense of adding something like a new effect or similar but I’d certainly consider it ‘new’ and a ‘feature’.

I think that is the point of the poll. The OP is advocating fr a major release that is nothing but bug fixes and clean-up – no new features. As much as the user base may say that is what we want, I can’t see any vendor trying that. They believe cool features sell, and they are probably right.

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yeah to that!
the progress bar of technical achievements for the last 20 years is glowing and shaking. What’s needed is a sabbathical version. Take a break from new features for a year. Open the windows and doors and let the bugs and old code out. Speaking of which … those ancient progress bars that looks like they´re leftovers from Cubase SX days and the Key Commands Editor and some other dialogs with that light bluish gray look are so swearing ugly and out of place they’re like visual bugs haha!

Then fix all these simple things you don’t need any research for like reordering the instruments in the VSTi rack. You have the reordering working for insert FX. How different can it be from the VSTi rack? There are hundreds of feature requests for these simple but immensely important features for the workflow and much more powerful than … another library of 808 kicks … * sigh *… or a felt piano haha! Run The Grand or Yamaha S90/HSSE through Quadrafuzz and Multitap delay and how close would that take you? Pretty close on a vibe scale even if the actual sonic difference would be noticeable, right?

We already have more spectacular tools and noises like SpectralLayers and PadShop than we need, don’t we? So I’d happily pay what I just paid for this Cubase 12 update to have this long list of small requests cut in half no problem.

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