Poly-Tempo Playback?


Hopefully an easy question to answer: Is it possible to have poly-tempo implemented into the score that will actually playback the piece as written? As in, two instruments are set at 92bpm and 132bpm respectively, and would play figures simultaneously at these differing tempi.

I totally get if it’s not possible, but would be AWESOME if it is and I just don’t know where to find it. Thanks!

Currently Dorico does simultaneous meters (to the same note value) very nicely. Adding hidden tuplets and a meter-display workaround for one of the parts, you can do a lot. But a ratio like 132:92 (33:23) is probably prohibitively difficult.


Here is an example of hidden tuplets to enable a 5:3 ratio in Nancarrow’s Study No. 16.

Nancarrow-Study-16.dorico.zip (701.3 KB)