Polymeter in Bach BWV 988

Variation 26 in BWV 988 by Bach (Goldberg Variations) uses 18/16 against 3/4. I can set the different time signatures in the different staves but of course the bars do not align.

What is the standard technique to deal with this? Is it this?

Or is there a simpler way?

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This is the way.

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I can follow the 12/8 is to C example but I am unable to wrap my head around 18/16 is to 3/4. Which time to take as the basis, and what tuplet values and pickup bar settings? I need some handholding on this one.

Ok. I suppose the “base” meter is 3/4 and the other one is 18/16?
Start creating your 3/4, in the meter popover, enter. Then invoke the caret in the staff that needs 18/16, invoke the meter popover, write 18/16,12 alt-enter. This should create a pickup bar with 12 sixteenth notes, so it should align with 3/4. Next bar, invoke the meter popover, 3/4, alt-enter. All barlines should align. Select that 3/4 marking and in the properties, hide it.
Then all you need to do is create a 18:12x tuplet in every bar of your 18/16 section (18 16th notes in the time of 12) and tweak its properties so that neither bracket nor number appear. Leave the signposts visible, it should appear as a green 18:12 signpost, from memory. You can alt-click the signposts to make them appear in every bar and only do that once.
Hope it helps!